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Can you remember your old school teachers names?

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    I remember the primary teachers who were nasty to me, the ones that gave me a caning for little or nothing. Secondary teachers, i remember the ones that encouraged me or the ones i played pranks on

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    No, I still do remember my favorite old school teacher name

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    Oh yeah, at least elementary:

    Mrs Fox - 1st grade

    Mrs Balduci - 2nd grade

    Mrs Grey - 3rd grade

    Mrs LaCroix - 4th grade

    Mrs Porter & Wood - 5th & 6th grade

    And certain Jr and High School teachers stick out in my mind as well: Mr Stretch, Mr Smith, Mr Duncan, Miss Wright, Herr Kirschner, Mr. Calveti, Ms. Fernandez, Mr Wallace, Mrs. Zabinski, and old senile Miss Farley

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    I left primary school in 1994 + I still remember all the names.

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    Mrs. Greene Pk

    Mrs. Walrus K

    Mr. Green 1

    Mrs. Goldstein 2

    Ms. Blasberg 3

    Mrs. Jonas 4

    Mrs. Weeks 5

    Ms. Bayreuther 6

    Mr. Diaz 7

    Mrs. Lozano 8

    Mrs. Jarcho 9

    Mr. Cohen 10

    Mr. Cohen 11

    Mrs. Jarcho/Mr. Cohan 12

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    Only my maths teacher. Miss Cranky Drawers

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    My high school teacher, she made me work hard in her class, so i could face the world when i left school. I loved her very much. She was kind and special.♥♥♥♥

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    I remember each and everyone of those sadistic priests.

    And it all begun 30 years ago.

    1st. Father Ernesto.

    2nd. Father Samuel.

    3rd. Father Antonio.

    4th. Father Felix

    5th. Father Francisco.


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    I remember their nicknames but not their real names. Frau Cow was my German teacher and The Doc was my chemistry teacher.

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    Mrs payne > English teacher

    Mr harris > Design & tech

    Mr short > Art teacher

    Mr hughes > P E Teacher

    Mr chant > Head master

    Mr engrems > science teacher

    Do you want me to go on?

    Source(s): I left school 12 yrs ago !!
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