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Ok movie is from early 1980's, a guy scientist gets in this black metal expiermental seclusion box. When he comes out he is a killer primate monkey guy and murders people. But he keeps getting back in the stupid box over and over again. Movie scared me so bad when I was a kid. Do you know th movie?

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    Altered States (1980)

    starring William Hurt (film debut), Blair Brown, Bob Balaban, Charles Haid, Thaao Penghlis, Miguel Godreau (as Primal Man), Dori Brenner, Drew Barrymore (film debut), Evan Richards

    IMDB review:

    After the failure of "Valentino" (1977), "Altered States" was the film that put Ken Russell back in the spotlight as one the world's greatest directors. Russell claimed that the film had been passed on by 26 different directors (including Stanley Kubrick and Steven Spielberg) before author Paddy Chayefsky asked him to direct. This is possibly his best film. The movies is not only remarkably coherent considering the bizarre story but also gives Russell a chance to go crazy with hallucinations and mind-blowing special effects. William Hurt stars, in his film debut, as Eddie Jessup, a scientist hellbent on finding the essence of human existence. And the way he achieves it is, of course, to take hallucinogenic drugs~a lot of them. The film is filled with religious symbolism and psychedelic imagery. At one point we are even asked to believe in the power of mind over body (much like "The Matrix"), when Jessup regresses into a neanderthal and goes on a rampage. This all takes place against the subplot involving the relationship between Jessup and his wife. The climax is probably the only sequence in all of cinema that legitimately recalls the end of Kubrick's "2001: A Space Odyssey" (1968). Though the ending is a bit dated ..., it actually works because it builds on the theme of Jessup's search for the meaning of life.

    ... The film achieved a fair share of success; Time magazine named it the best film of 1980, and it did well at the box-office (for Russell at least). The movie definitely has more of a following now. And all this is much deserved. William Hurt gives one of the best debut performances I have ever seen. And Ken Russell is at his best.


    Author Paddy Chayefsky disowned this movie. Even though the dialogue in the screenplay was almost verbatim from his novel he reportedly objected to the over the top shouting of his words by the actors. Chayefsky had not seen the film before he took his name off the credits.

    The book was partially based on dolphin researcher John Lilly, who invented the isolation tank, and first started taking drugs while "tanking".

    In his autobiography, director Ken Russell said he tried mushrooms during the making of the film, which resulted in a bad trip.

    In a 1981 interview with the New York Times, Blair Brown said many of the actors and crew tried out the isolation tank. William Hurt actually hallucinated, while Blair Brown found it very peaceful.

    I have the novel, and I'm not sure why the author was so displeased with the results. This is a truly remarkable film, even if you aren't a Ken Russell fan~which I am!

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    Altered States, it scared me too!!

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    it sounds like "the fly" but clearly isn't, if he's a monkey. but if it starred jeff goldbloom and geena davis, then it was "the fly".

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