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A Few WWE Questions?

First of all I had this random idea that Edge and Vickie Guerrero have an on screen Smackdown wedding, and during the wedding Undertaker comes back and pretty much ruins it. Then either Vickie gets fired by the Board and a new GM is chosen during the draft. Or Undertaker is involved in the draft and he gets drafted to Raw or something. The Board were not happy with Vickie's decision to strip Taker of the WHC, so maybe they will finally fire her and maybe just maybe Undertaker will be allowed back in the WWE and be made Smackdown GM. Then he strips Edge of the title. Bit of retalliation for you.

That was just a random idea. :)

Comment on it if you wish.

Now to the questions..

Have YOU stopped watching Smackdown because of Undertaker's absence?

Who do you think Matt Hardy will face at Night Of Champions?

What is your prediction on John Cena Vs Triple H?

Do you think Cryme Tyme will ever become tag champions?

And finally will DX ever reunite again?





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    Pretty good idea i must say. I just hope we dont have to see this Vickie and Edge thing any longer because it has been going on too long. I think Undertaker when he returns will be going to raw and feuding there. Maybe he will lose the title to Batista which i dont want to see and then blame Vickie for it and theyll drop the wedding. But who knows well have to wait and see.


    1. No i have not stopped watching wrestling i still enjoy watching the other superstars on the brand but i still wish undertaker was there. But im a wrestling fan and want to watch all the wrestling i can get.

    2. I think he will face maybe Chuck Palumbo, Finlay or Jimmy Wang Yang, but thats just a prediction.

    3. I think Triple H is going to retain his title. He hasnt the title in like 3 years and is most likely going to get a long reign. Wve seen this match so many times, its getting repetitive, they definetly need something new.

    4. Yes, i think they will become tag team champs sometime in the future. Alot of the fans like them and they get a great crowd reaction. There very entertaining to watch as well.

    5. Yes, they do unite at House shows and special appearances. I think they will again, it always entertaining to see them doing funny jokes and promos.

  • 1. No. I have stopped watching SmackDown! and all WWE programming first and foremost because I can't get it on my cable anymore due to a dispute between the channel and my cable provider. What's left is TNA but even then they keep to a schedule and show only an hour when it's really two. :(

    2. There aren't any decent mid-carders anymore on SmackDown! for Matt Hardy to face other than MVP and possibly Finlay. I'd like to see a Hardy-Helms feud in the works once Gregory Helms returns; they could draw from the fact that they used to work in OMEGA (Matt's backyard wrestling promotion) early in their careers. You know, Helms could say that Matt Hardy has become arrogant and forgetful of the people who helped shape his career, yadda-yadda-yadda.

    3. Triple H, especially because of his political leverage. I think the WWE has started to realize that people are getting annoyed with Cena, but as a user above me said, a championship couple storyline could be in the works, so I guess I can't bank on Triple H too much.

    4. They are both talented wrestlers and good performers and have the potential to carry the WWE's tag-team division; however, it has become more and more obvious that the WWE will not really allow minorities, especially blacks, a shot at the gold, unless they are very much over with the fans.

    5. They probably will but that's a very big "probably". They have attempted a reunion once before but even that got old very quick. Within the span of a year they were split up, but then again it was out of their hands anyway. I guess it didn't help that the new DX was a lot more fan-friendly and childish as opposed to being edgy and rebellious.

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    Have YOU stopped watching Smackdown because of Undertaker's absence?


    Who do you think Matt Hardy will face at Night Of Champions?

    Chuck Palumbo (Matt wins hopefully)

    What is your prediction on John Cena Vs Triple H?

    John Cena

    Do you think Cryme Tyme will ever become tag champions?


    And finally will DX ever reunite again?

    I hope so because they are soo funny

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    It may dampen the ratings i know there were alot of Undertaker fas that were dissapointed including me but they should now see Edge for what he is, an awsome wrestler to the point where he put the undertaker out of bussines and not just that he is also funnier and more entertaing than undertake ever was a the "phenom", he would ahev been better off as the american bad ***.

    Matt hardy vs Jeff Hardy would be cool but i doubt it will happen.

    Probably just another $hithouse Cena match. no predictions required there we already know the match is going to be crap.

    no, why is the tag teams these days tools? the titles arent taken seriously anymore. no more MNM or Big Kane or Hardyz or Dudleyz or E&C.

    I hope not HBK brings the game down to his level, the game is best when he champ or got a sniff of gold, hell go through anyone and backstab anyone to get what he wants thats when he best, so i hope DX never re-unites.

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    1. i stopped watching smackdown after a couple weeks of the edge and vicky storyline not even undertaker made that storyline good

    2.he will face MVP

    3.cena wins and becomes champion then the 2 have a long feud until summerslam

    4.crymetyme will become tag champs very soon they were gonna be champs before they were released

    5.nope DX might reunite on special one day events but as a tag team never

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    The return of the Undertaker is confirmed.I'll write details after this question.

    1.No,i watch it even more to how will they sustain themselves without the Undertaker.

    2.Not sure.Maybe Chuck Palumbo?I don't think it will be MVP because they have not encountered since Judgment Day when Jeff faced MVP


    4.At this rate...In 1-5 yrs.


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    i think that is a great idea and could happen but out of 10 3/10.

    1. i still wathc smackdown but it is not as entertaning anymore.

    2. MVP or khali

    3. it is boring they faced each other at wrestlemania 22 thye both have hardly any moves cena has been champion heaps and for way to long and hhh is a 11 time world champion and have had the title to many times i think hhh should of faced someone like y2j hbk.

    4. no vince won't let them if they do they will have it for like 3 weeks

    5. DX will reniute someday mate!

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    1. I never Watched smackdown or ECw. Raw is THE BEST.

    2. MVP/ Chuck Palumbo

    3. Triple H Wins. He will keep the title for some more months maybe until october or november.

    4. they are still under-rated. May become after couple of years or so.

    5.NO! DX will not come back. Both are still friends but want to live alone. They dont want to ruin and get back together. Remember every time DX united Either one of them injured, or stripped off Or they themselves fought against each other.(Hell in a cell Triple h VS shawn michaels after DX broke)

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    a million. No. I even have stopped watching SmackDown! and all WWE programming first and optimum because of the fact i'm unable to get it on my cable anymore using a dispute between the channel and my cable provider. what's left is TNA yet even then they shop to a time table and coach in simple terms an hour whilst it rather is rather 2. :( 2. There are not any first rate mid-carders anymore on SmackDown! for Matt Hardy to stand different than MVP and in all possibility Finlay. i could decide directly to work out a Hardy-Helms feud interior the works as quickly as Gregory Helms returns; they could draw from the shown fact that they used to artwork in OMEGA (Matt's outdoor wrestling promoting) early of their careers. you comprehend, Helms ought to declare that Matt Hardy has replace into conceited and forgetful of the individuals who helped shape his occupation, yadda-yadda-yadda. 3. Triple H, fairly because of the fact of his political leverage. i think of the WWE has began to realize that persons are starting to be aggravated with Cena, yet as a consumer above me reported, a championship couple storyline ought to be interior the works, so i assume i'm unable to monetary company on Triple H too a lot. 4. they are the two proficient wrestlers and good performers and have the flexibility to hold the WWE's tag-group branch; even with the shown fact that, it has replace into further and further obtrusive that the WWE won't rather enable minorities, fairly blacks, a shot on the gold, until eventually they are very a lot over with the followers. 5. They probable will yet that's an exceedingly vast "probable". they have tried a reunion as quickly as in the past yet even that have been given previous very rapid. in the span of a three hundred and sixty 5 days they have been chop up up, yet having reported that it replace into out of their palms besides. i assume it did not help that the hot DX replace right into a lot extra fan-friendly and infantile as detrimental to being edgy and rebellious.

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    No. No reason to watch a show for a man who takes at least half the year off regularly.

    MVP, most likely.

    HHH, if they're smart. They're not, but HHH regardless. I would like a Cena heel turn soon, but I don't know if that's going to happen, with all the merchandise the man sells.

    Yep. Then one of them will break out while the other fades into obscurity, just like all other teams this era.

    Hopefully not. DX was awesome- eleven years ago.

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