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going on first holiday abroad with my 5 year old daughter any tips?

how to calm my nerves i am scared

prevent ears hurting on plane

stuff like that thanks

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    I'm a former Flight Attendant and I fly a lot internationally with my three children.

    It's actually a myth that children need to suck on something for take-off and landing. I rarely saw it in my 13 years as a Flight Attendant and I have never, ever done anything special with them for take-offs and landings. We fly between Europe and California about twice a year since each was 4 months old, plus lots of short flight inbetween.

    By all means, if she's awake and likes gum, give her some when the plane door closes and about an hour before landing. But if she's asleep, don't fret and wake her to drink or chew. It's probably not necessary.

    ENT specialists simply recommend that the child is awake for landing;

    The delicate time is not during take-off or landing/touchdown but at the *top of descent*. This is usually 40 minutes to an hour before landing and everyone's ears have to reverse the pressurization. I can confirm that when I worked, if any passengers had ear problems, this was the time. Not just children either! They actualy felt *better* as we got closer to landing.

    The BEST way to avoid ear issues is to take your little girl to the doctor a few days before flying. My son was good at getting symptomless ear infections so make sure she doesn't have one of those and if so, that she gets antibiotics to clear it up before you leave. The doctor will look in her ears and make sure they're clear and infection-free. Healthy ears can handle pressurization changes.

    If it's her first flight, are you able to take her to the airport and at least show her what's going on? That might help.

    Try to book (or nab with open seating) a window seat so she can enjoy the view and watch what they're doing at the airport. Seeing all that efficiency (we hope) might put her mind at ease.

    The security is usually the scariest part of the experience for kids. Here's a good site;

    Show her the people going through and what you have to do. Let her know that although she has to put her things on the belt, they'll be given right back to her on the other side.

    Go through the whole experience, step by step and mention the emergency briefing they do onboard. Remind her of how safe flying is, that most F/A's and pilots retire and never have any sort of emergency.

    Get a book on airplanes. There are some specific for children about to fly for the first time. I suggest getting one at the library since it's for a specific event.

    Let her pack her own small backpack with toys she picked. You take a change of clothes, a sippy cup (empty if you're concerned about security) and some snacks. Also, pack a few suprises, new toys she's never seen.

    I recommend the DVD player only if the flight is over three or four hours but bring it anyway if you think it'll help her if it's a shorter flight. Perhaps a new movie is a good idea, something you know she'll like. Make her understand that she has to use the earphones onboard. Please juice it up before leaving and consider purchasing another battery if it's a long flight and make sure it's fully charged as well. Bring the recharger just in case you need it on the ground for a delay.

    When she's in the airport, she might see a lot of exotic people perhaps in colorful dress. Discuss this with her and that she is not to point and/or comment. Even if they don't speak English, they might understand it. Starting at this age, kids tend to do this.

    Also, explain that she is to be really good and quiet during check-in. She is not to run around and will stay close to your side. This is the hardest time for me, since I'm usually alone with three. Once you get past security, both of you can relax more.

    When you board, tell the Flight Attendants that it's her first flight. They might have something special for her but don't expect it or tell her.

    If you need her booster seat for the trip, just be aware that it isn't to be used on the airplane. Some parents like to bring them onboard to be sure they aren't crushed or lost in luggage but let the F/A's know that you wont be putting it in the seat.

    I have never used any sort of medications to get my children to sleep. I've seen it done and a couple of times, I've seen children have the opposite effect (go completely wired). Mostly it was used by the parents of wiggly toddlers flying on really long flights. If neither is your case, give it a miss.

    I think she'll be fine in the aircraft. In 13 years, I saw many, many children fly and never did I see any "freak out" or be scared once we saw them. You be confident too and try not to be scared in front of her. I've been flying as a passenger since I was 8 weeks old myself and nothing bad has ever happened while I was flying. It's the safest part of your trip!

    Have a good flight and don't forget her favorite stuffed animal, either at home or on board!

    Source(s): ex-Flight Attendant, 13 years, 2 companies almost all long-haul international 3 children ages 8, 6 & 4
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    Your daughter will be fine give her chewing gum to prevent ears hurting u can take some babies stories and some toys for her not to get bored if it's a long flight or u can ask the stuff also they offer this for kids don't worry and enjoy.

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    My children have aways traveled with me from the age of one and they have never had any problems .If you think she may experience ear ache , give her a very chewy toffee on decent. When arriving if its a hot country just keep her cool , you can buy the magicool spray and dont forget the sun screen . Make sure you have air con in your room or a super fan and just enjoy yourself.

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