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Anonymous asked in 社會與文化語言 · 1 decade ago

請問有大大可以幫我翻文內的文字嗎?(有關生物 中翻英)


此外,藉由比較兩種螃蟹的rostral spine、dorsal spine及lateral spine所構成之菱形面積大小,來討論螃蟹浮游能力對物種分佈的影響,結果發現以大螃蟹的總面積為最大,而由報告中得知,其分布範圍也較其他小螃蟹廣泛,可見浮游能力對物種分佈有一定程度的影響。



大大 您 會錯意了!!!



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  • Sigma
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    1 decade ago
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    Besides, by comparing the diamond-shaped area demarcated by the rostral, lateral, and dorsal spines, crab's floating ability was discussed. It was found that the big crabs have larger areas so that their distribution was much wilder than the small crabs. Therefore, the floating ability has certain influences on the distribution of species.

    On the relationship between chlea's developmental stage and its ratio out of the whole body, it was found in this study that the biggest chelas were developed fastest and occupied most of the body ratio, which seemed to be related to its attacktiveness after metamorphosis.

    Source(s): myself; 祝福心想事成
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  • 可兒
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    1 decade ago

    藉由比較兩種螃蟹的rostral spine、dorsal spine及lateral spine所構成之菱形面積大小,來討論螃蟹浮游能力對物種分佈的影響,結果發現以大螃蟹的總面積為最大,而由報告中得知,其分布範圍也較其他小螃蟹廣泛,可見浮游能力對物種分佈有一定程度的影響。

    Size of area of rhombus formed with rostral spine, dorsal spine and lateral spine which compare two kinds of crabs, is it discuss crab swim between ability and influence that species distribute, find finally that it is heaviest to regard the whole area of the big crab as to come, learn it distribute range extensive than little crab other too in report, can see and swim ability and distribute the influence with a certain degree on the species.

    在螯足(Chela)的發育程度及其佔身體比例方面,本實驗發現大螃蟹的螯足發育最快,所佔比例也是最大,此特點與其完成變態後攻擊性最強,似乎也有一定程度的關係。 In the chela foot (Chela) Development degree last body proportion, find chela foot development of crab not big most fast experiment, proportion most heavy too, instead of the aggressiveness is strongest after finishing abnormally characteristic this, seem to have a relation of a certain degree too.

    Source(s): 輔大外文系生翻譯~~
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  • rostral spine = 嘴的脊椎

    dorsal spine = 背的脊椎

    lateral spine = 側部脊椎

    不知道對不對...!! 不對的話就抱歉囉...!!

    Source(s): 翻譯機
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