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Hela cells are considered immortal cancer cells but I am concerned about working with them?

would working with Hela cells cause cancer? Suppose you spilled them over you by mistake. Would it cause cancer ordevelop into cancer later on. If not please explain why it would not?

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    Whatever biological material you are working with you should be utilising safe work practices. I would assume if you are considering working with HeLa cells, or at a point where you are performing any sort of medical research, you would know how to keep yourself relativly safe while doing so. I think that as long as you are wearing gloves and wash your hands when you're done you should be fine. I don't think you can "catch" cancer - unless you transplant the genetically altered cells into your body.

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    No you have no need to worry. They are not your body's cells. Any foreign matter that enters the body is quickly attacked by the immune system. Cancer is deadly because it is your body's OWN cells that go 'wrong', and by the time the immune system realizes it, it's often too late. You cannot spread cancer from a foreign body cell to your own body cells, even if this 'foreign cell' is from a close relative. Cancer comes from a mutation or some other event occuring in a cell of your body.

    They are 'immortal' only in a sterile lab environment. Introduced into an animal or human, they would be destroyed by antibodies within minutes.

    The only things you should be concerned about working with are microbes that neither your immune system nor medicine can fight e.g. HIV, Ebola virus, etc.

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