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The term "Great Depression' is an Oxymoron.. that took the sting out of it's legacy...?

we tend to soft sell things that upset us.. Like "The great depression" ... trust me it wasn't great.. but what most people have not been able to grasp is that ..when we went through the depression, right up to the day that the stock market crashed.. people, like the idiots in here, were saying.."Calm down" 'There is no worries" ..then when it hit, many many people lost everything, and them that had little to begin with ...died. One of the best kept secrets of the 20th century was the "plague' that accompanied the depression... Starvation, Rape, Murder, all went through the roof, with much of it going un-attended, and un-prosecuted.

we're on the verge of an economic crash.. quite possibly worse than the Depression.. when that happened, we didn't have the debt that we have now.. and the agriculture was still family based. The average food item travels 3000 miles from where it is grown to your plate. when the trucks stop.. the food will be gone very quickly.

do you own a Gun ?


and can you hunt? Fish? grow food?...????

because your Latte ain't gonna be there, and your Televisions are going to be off.. when the shithits the fan..

what will you do ?

Update 2:

yes but in peoples minds if you understand linguistics.. the word great, mean good.. obviously it meant massive.. but the remaining phrase is "Great depression"... trust me ..the average American 20 something only knows that times were tough, they have no concept of what their great grandparents went through..

Update 3:

Acerbic hit it right on the head

"The stock market crash of 1929 was caused by mass specualtion and unregulated markets. In fact prices were inflated on hysteria, than actual revenue/profit numbers, etc that are required to be disclosed by law in quarterly filed sec reports."

you mean like the Dollar and the price of crude right ?.. because we're there right now...

so thanks again.

Update 4:


just asked my wife randomly.."Honey, if I say great, what's the first thing you think of" ? and she said.."super", I said try again, "Great-Stuff", "Good" "Awesome" "Happy" ...

the word great is forever connected to a breakfast cereal in the minds of Americans..

"Theeeeey're Great" !

your command of the language is excellent, you'll understand when ask you not to be ...Obtuse.

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    I agree, we could see the same thing again, but the average person today will not survive. They are weak and dependant.

    The term Great Depression was coined because up until that time all downturns in the economy were called Depressions. So after the recovery they didn't want people to over-react every time there was slow down, so they came up with the term Recession and to differentiate, it became the Great Depression.

    Most of the youth blame capitalism because that is what they were taught in school. The problem was not unregulated capitalism or a lack of knowledge in economics. It was precisely the opposite. The Fed. bankers knew exactly what they were doing, eliminating the competition and creating chaos and dependence.

    The Fed was a major contributor by a loose monetary policy in the 20's creating an artificial boom and then in 1928 they began to tighten the money supply which caused a downturn and the recession started in Aug. 1929. That is very similar to today's Fed policy, they held rates low for several years and began to tighten it last year and now they have loosened it again. This time they are not just bailing out banks they are bailing out brokerage firms, which are FDIC, at taxpayer expense.

    FDR's policy, when he took over only exacerbated the problem which had been recovering. He had raised taxes 3 times higher by 1939 which took capitol out of the market. The increased and ever changing regulation on businesses kept people from investing in an insecure environment. We are now looking at a Democrat controlled Congress that promises to raise taxes by letting the breaks expire starting next year. They are also promising new and greater spending from the government which takes money away from the people and market and puts it into the hands of an inefficient bureaucracy.

    This time it might be worse because of the percentage of Americans in debt is much greater than in the 1930's. Our national debt is also much greater and with the threat of OPEC dumping the dollar, there will be no reason for countries to hold our dollar (buy our debt). We have already been experiencing major inflation with our currency counter to what the "official" inflation rate states. There are already places in Europe that will no longer accept dollars as payment.

    Only time will tell.

    My family and I will survive (God Willing) because we have prepared. We are debt free including our home. We started stocking up on long term food stocks last year. We are growing fresh veggies for canning and took out most of our savings last years bought Canadian gold and some silver. I live in rural Texas, we have enough guns for everybody and we know how to use them. ;)

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    I have been suffering from post partum depression for the past one year when I gave birth to a baby boy. I couldn't stop thinking about how my husband loves him more than me and how things might be better if he wasn't born at all. Thus, I stayed away from him because I knew that I might do something I will regret for the rest of my life.

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    Depression Free Method?

  • With the stock market hitting the skids today... it brings up a lot of questions doesn't it.

    We have many conditions today that mirror that of 1929. Deflation in asset and commodity prices, dramatic drops in demand and credit, and disruption of trade are conditions that exist today and are what also contributed to the stock market crash.

    Debt was a huge factor in the 1920's. Much like we see today, Americans are in so deep... the real-estate/foreclosure crisis has not only burst the housing bubble, it is affecting banks, and all business involved in this huge market. And you are right, debt wasn't even one tenth of what it is today - so just imaging the economic ramifications!

    My great grandfather owned a grocery store during the depression. My grandfather still talks about it ... and he is saying that our economy and current envirionment is very similar to those days.

    I don't know what we will do. I believe that its not a certainty, but a possibility at the very least.

    I don't want to be one of those people who hordes food and keeps my money under the mattress... but it may come to that.

    I pray it doesn't.

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    BS, back then we had no idea how the economy works. And they didn't have the general knowledge and technology we have these days. Today the US produces more food then any other country and is the primary exporter to the world. A majority of the worlds highest producing crops are but a few hundred miles away from my house. Is it any wonder the US Gov't pays farmers NOT to plant crops!

    The US has always had a debt so do the overwhelming majority of the countries within the world. Obviously you have never taken a history class and do not know about the Oil Crisis in the 70's and the S&L crisis in the late 80's. All major problems but didn't bring us to our knees and we recovered.

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    Youre a complete fool. The farming business back then hwas highly ineffiecient, today the cheapest best quality produce makes it to you rather than the smaller, ineffiecient mom and pop types back then. There were a number of causes of the great depression which today have safeguards preventing it. The stock market crash of 1929 was caused by mass specualtion and unregulated markets. In fact prices were inflated on hysteria, than actual revenue/profit numbers, etc that are required to be disclosed by law in quarterly filed sec reports.

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    Most people don't think about what you presented but it is a real issue that will have to be dealt with sooner or later. The depression was caused in part by unregulated capitalism which is a lesson that should have been learned and this is the first time since then that capitalism is running amok. So if drastic changes don't take place you are 100 percent correct that we are headed for quicksand.

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    Those people who were saying things like...."there isn't anything tho worry about there is no depression...or recession" are also the people who took a dive out of the windows of skyscrapers when the stock market did crash weren't they?

    Wonder if it will rain the same type of people this time?

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    I think you misinterpret the word, "great". It doesn't mean good or wonderful. It simply meant "large" or "big". And it certainly was that. We don't have the bread lines, yet. But I agree that we're certainly on the brink of another "great" depression. ( I wouldn't miss lattes, but I do have to have that cup of joe in the morning.) Guess I could grow the beans in my back yard.

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    In American English, "great" means "ntoably large in size: huge". It's the first definition in Merriam-Webster's dictionary.*

    Anyway, it's not a matter of "understanding linguistics". It's a matter of usage and context.

    Capitalism suffered from multiple depressions (the cycles of boom and bust that Marx explained in "Capital") prior to the Great Depression culminating in the largest depression in the 1930's, upon which people said, "enough is enough". Capitalism as practiced was quickly, though marginally, reformed. Since the reform was only marginal (bandaids on broken legs rather than resetting the legs so they'd heal), we have the same boom and bust problems today.

    Source(s): * Your sense of the term doesn't appear until the 5th definition.
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    My grandparents and parents only let one light bulb lit during the depression and ate only potatoes - they were frugal because of it. It's going to make a comeback and influence those children and adults who are going to go through it radically change how they view life.

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