What happened to that 1957 Plymouth Belvidere that was in that time capsule in Tulsa?

I never heard of its final disposition.

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  • connie
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    1 decade ago
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    Actually, (I live in Tulsa) there has been no news on the car after it was taken to be cleaned and de-rusted in New Jersey. It was supposed to be ready Spring 2008 but there has been no news, not even an update. The first website promises updates but there aren't any.

    October 19, 2007

    Donald E. Walker, Co Chair for the Oklahoma Tulsarama announced that Ms Catherine Humbertson Johnson is now the rightful sole owner of Miss Belvedere after the exhaustive legal process was completed to verify her as the winner of 1957 Plymouth Belvedere. Robert Carney, nephew of Ms Catherine Humbertson Johnson and Mary Kesner niece of Catherine will act on her behalf and become the custodians for Miss Belvedere. Robert Carney has made an arrangement with Ultra ONE SafestRustRemover in Hackettstown to bring the Miss Belvedere to New Jersey to be cleaned and de-rusted for future preservation.


    April 2008

    I doubt you'll see Miss Belvedere in person at the Chrysler At Carlise event of 2009 let alone this year. Ultra-Goop hasn't finished dissolving the sheet metal yet. On the plus side, they apparently got the flat fixed so that it holds air now. Not bad for a 50 year old bias ply tire.

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    When they dug it up it was covered in rust and wouldn't crank.

    There was some shiny chrome was still visible around the doors and front fender, and they were able to put air in the tires.

    In the trunk, workers meticulously pulled out some of the objects buried with the two-door hardtop to celebrate Oklahoma's 50 years of statehood — a 5-gallon can of leaded gasoline, which went for 24 cents a gallon in those days, and rusted cans of Schlitz beer.

    Read more about it at the sources below.

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