With conflicts between President & Congress,?

should we move to a system were both branches must be from the same political party

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  • 1 decade ago
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    Get 'cabinet' government like the Brits and Aussies have.

  • eckis
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    4 years ago

    nicely, conflict between the President and Congress is outfitted into the structure by utilizing layout so as that authorities strikes slowly. each and each and every time authorities acts, it ought to, by utilizing distinctive feature of the stress ascribed to it, hamper the rights of persons finally. The President, because the governmentgovt, is the governmentenforcer of guidelines, while Congress writes those guidelines. There ought to unavoidably be conflict between both with the intention to guarantee the "due procedure" prescribed interior the sixth change. even as that is sweet for the President to take quite a number one function interior the direction of the country, that is significant for the governmentauthority of a people to relax, no longer in a unmarried govt, yet in a representative body. in this way, no man or woman theory or mood of the day can too far sway the technique a u . s ., and that sluggish back-and-forth conflict helps that u . s . to suitable its mistakes if it exhibits that it has erred, and prevent them from collapsing lower than the activity of too few persons, no count number how nicely-intentioned.

  • 1 decade ago

    No way! I am, or rather was, a Republican, and look what happened to the country when they had both Congress & the Presidency! The U.S. has about $60 Trillion dollars in financial obligations that it has to cover, and the world's entire production over the course of a year is only $53.64 Trillion. Forget 9 Trillion, we are in a hole that drills through to China--ironically, one of the Countries we owe the most money too...

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    ...no cause than 1 party wil,l have complete domonation with no system of checks and balances because if 1 party controlled both the party in power would pass everything

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