If you were creating a government, what would you consider the most important parts, and why?

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    1 decade ago
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    I think we have a good system in place for the most part. But, what has happened over the 232 years of government is that we never take anything off the books. We have just kept building upon one thing and another. Even policies that we know are failed policies remain. And, we have allowed power to be divided further to large companies and special interests.

    We have the best system in the country. We just need to reboot the government like you would do to a computer with viruses and other flaws.

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    In the Case of America, I would use most of the existing constitution, with a few exceptions.

    Constitution with the Bill of Rights, an elected government decided by electors, rather than the people, who would vote for their local representatives.

    I would also include term limits for the President, and senators for only 2 terms max, and Congressmen would have to participate in political primaries every 2 terms.

    There would be taxes, but no direct income tax. They would be taken in the form of Sales Tax, duties on trade, particularly imports, and in the forms of paying for legal documents. Driver's Licenses, Marraige Licenses, etc.

    Most of the Powers would be left to the states, and the people, the Federal Government would mostly work in only a few areas.

    1. Foriegn Intelligence

    2. Maintaning the Armed Forces for the Defense of the U.S., particularly of her actual Borders from invasion by known druglords, gangs, and terrrorist groups.

    3. Deciding on disputes between states.

    4. Interstates and National Road Maintenance, as well as keeping National Parks.

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    1 decade ago

    The bits that PROTECT the 4th estate, and make sure that the people are informed as to what is going on in the system.

    Also, the operation of CONGRESS must be transparent, ALL of the voters must have access to ALL that is done in Congress.

    The President must be accountable to the people and subject to a VOTE OF NO CONFIDENCE if the PEOPLE demand it!

  • Wulfen
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    1 decade ago

    Tax has to be a tax. I mean how will you run a functioning government without money?

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Executive, judicial and legislative branch. Less taxes.

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