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Famous Mexican people?

i need actors, painter, singers ,ANYTHING! except for history related people. Thank you!

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago
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    Mario Lopez

    Eva Langoria

    Barbara Mori

    Carlos Slim

    Juan Gabriel

    Diego Rivera

    Jenny Rivera


    * Luis de Alba actor, comedian

    * Alfonso de Anda, show host

    * Antonio Aguilar, singer

    * Rodolfo Acosta, actor

    * Pepe Aguilar, singer

    * Julio Alemán, actor

    * Fernando Allende actor, film director

    * Ana Alicia, actress

    * Adolfo Angel singer

    * Angélica María, singer

    * Alfonso Arau

    * Ramón Ayala, singer

    * Anahí, actress, singer

    * Angélica Aragón, actress

    * Pedro Armendáriz, actor

    * Pedro Armendáriz Jr., actor

    * Ana Bárbara, singer

    * Katie Barberi, actress

    * Renato Bartilotti, actor

    * Sergio Basañez, actor

    * Kuno Becker, actor

    * Belinda, actress, singer

    * Elsa Benitez, supermodel

    * Demian Bichir, actor

    * Marcela Bovio, singer

    * Angelique Boyer, actress

    * Roberto Gómez Bolaños, actor

    * Jacqueline Bracamontes, actress, model

    * Jaime Camil, singer, actor

    * Carmen Campuzano, actress, fashion model

    * Itati Cantoral, actress

    * Eduardo Capetillo, actor

    * Rocio Cardenas, actress, hostess

    * Yadhira Carrillo, actress

    * Irán Castillo, actress

    * Kate del Castillo, actress

    * Christian Castro, singer

    * Verónica Castro, actress, singer

    * Lumi Cavazos, actress

    * Sharis Cid, actress

    * Ninel Conde, actress, model, singer

    * Karla Cossío, actress

    * Alfonso Cuarón, film director

    * Eugenio Derbez, actor, comedian

    * Aarón Díaz, actor

    * Liliana Domínguez, supermodel

    * Susana Dosamantes, actress

    * Lila Downs, singer

    * Dulce María, actress, singer

    * Nadine Dwek, actress

    * Jean Duverger, actor, show host

    * Fernando Eimbcke, film director, screenwriter

    * Emilio Echevarría, actor

    * Liza Echevarría, model, show host

    * Erick Elias, actor, model

    * José Guadalupe Esparza, singer

    * Dulce María, actress, singer

    * Maria Félix, actress

    * Alejandro Fernández, singer

    * Vicente Fernández, singer

    * Juan Ferrara, actor

    * Fey, singer

    * Laura Flores, actress

    * Adriana Fonseca, actress

    * Ruben Aguirre Fuentes, actor

    * Juan Gabriel, singer

    * Florinda Meza, actress

    * Gael García Bernal, actor

    * Eduardo Garza, voice actor

    * Bibi Gaytán, actress

    * Ernesto Gómez Cruz, actor

    * Roberto Gómez Bolaños, comedian

    * Edith González, actress

    * Sherlyn González, actress

    * Marcelo Treviño, singer

    * Ely Guerra, singer, musician, songwriter, composer

    * Denisse Guerrero, singer

    * Ofelia Guilmain, actress

    * Alejandra Guzmán, singer

    * Enrique Guzmán, singer

    * Vanessa Guzmán, actress, model

    * Salma Hayek, actress

    * Laura Harring, actress

    * Kristin Holt, actress

    * Plutarco Haza, actor

    * Alfonso Herrera, actor, singer

    * Lorena Herrera, actress

    * Jorge Hernández, singer

    * Saul Hernández, singer

    * Martika Ibarra, Playboy model, actress

    * Alejandro González Iñárritu, film director

    * Pedro Infante, singer, actor,

    * Mauricio Islas, actor

    * Frankie J, singer

    * José Alfredo Jiménez, singer, songwriter, musician, composer

    * José José, singer

    * Judith Grace, show host

    * Kalimba, singer

    * Sabine Moussier, actress

    * Natalia Lafourcade, singer

    * Imanol Landeta, actor, singer

    * Valentino Lanús, actor

    * Ana Layevska, actress

    * Mariana Levy, actress

    * Iyari Limon, actress

    * Saul Lisazo, actor

    * Renato López, musician, show host

    * Seidy Lopez, actress

    * Alex Lora, musician, singer, songwriter

    * Adriana Louvier, actress

    * Lucero, actress, singer

    * Daniela Luján, actress, singer

    * Diego Luna, actor

    * Luis Miguel, singer

    * Isabel Madow, actress, model

    * Tony MacFarland, actor

    * Sara Maldonado, actress, comedian

    * Julio Mannino, actor

    * Patricia Manterola, singer

    * Niurka Marcos, actress

    * Karla Martinez, show host

    * Ingrid Martz, actress

    * Ofelia Medina, actress

    * Bill Melendez, animator

    * Lucía Méndez, actress, singer

    * Jaydy Michel, fashion model

    * Luis Miguel, singer

    * Maya Mishalska, actress

    * Nicky Mondellini, actress

    * Ricardo Montalbán, actor

    * Pilar Montenegro, actress, singer

    * Pablo Montero, singer, actor

    * Ivonne Montero, actress

    * Andres Montiel, actor

    * Galilea Montijo, actress

    * Mario Moreno "Cantinflas", actor, comedian

    * Bárbara Mori, actress, model

    * Patricia Muñoz, actress, singer

    * René Muñoz, actor

    * Marco Antonio Muñiz, singer

    * Guillermo Navarro, actor

    * Patricia Navidad,) actress

    * Jorge Negrete, singer, actor

    * María Antonieta de las Nieves, actress

    * Adela Noriega, actress

    * Manuel "Manolo" Noriega, stage and film actor

    * Nailea Norvind, actress

    * Manuel Ojeda, actor

    * Fher, singer

    * Jesús Ochoa, actor

    * Mauricio Ochmann, actor

    * Yahir Othon, actor, singer

    * Haley Paige, pornographic actress

    * Dominika Paleta, actress

    * Ludwika Paleta, actress

    * Planktonman, musician

    * Arturo Peniche, actor

    * Maite Perroni, actress, singer

    * Silvia Pinal, actress, show host

    * Salvador Pineda, actor

    * Polo Polo, comedian

    * Anthony Quinn, actor

    * Adal Ramones, comedian, show host

    * Marco Antonio Regil, TV host

    * Ana de la Reguera, actress

    * Diana Reyes, singer

    * Cornelio Reyna, singer

    * Jorge Rivero, actor

    * Lupillo Rivera, singer

    * Aurora Robles, supermodel

    * Paul Rodriguez, comedian, actor

    * Helena Rojo, actress

    * Daniela Romo, actress, singer

    * Alessandra Rosaldo, actress, singer

    * Paulina Rubio, singer

    * Victoria Ruffo, actress

    * Sebastián Rulli, actor, model

    * Adriana Sage, Playboy model, actress

    * Jorge Salinas, actor

    * Carlos Santana, musician

    * Pablo Santos, actor

    * Joan Sebastian, singer

    * Mariana Seoane, singer

    * Ana Serradilla, actress

    * Antonio Serrano, film director

    * Camila Sodi, actress

    * Marco Antonio Solís, singer

    * Javier Solis, singer

    * Blanca Soto, fashion model

    * Gabriel Soto, actor, model

    * Hugo Stiglitz, actor

    * José María de Tavira, actor

    * Ana Claudia Talancón, actress

    * Tatiana, singer

    * Arleth Terán, actress

    * Thalía, actress, singer

    * Guillermo del Toro, film director

    * Arath de la Torre, actor

    * Rigo Tovar, singer, songwriter, composer, actor

    * Gloria Trevi, singer

    * Víctor Trujillo, actor, comedian

    * Christopher Uckerman, actor, singer

    * Polo Urias, singer

    * Ramón Valdés, actor

    * Angélica Vale,actress, singer, comedian

    * María Elena Velasco, actress, comedian

    * Raúl Velasco, entertainer and TV Producer

    * Julieta Venegas, singer, songwriter, composer, musician

    * Katalina Verdin, model, Playboy model

    * Eduardo Verástegui, actor, model

    * Edgar Vivar, actor

    * Carlos Villagrán, actor

    * David Villalpando, actor

    * Alicia Villarreal, singer

    * Jaime Villarreal, musician

    * Laisha Wilkins, actress

    * Laura Zapata, actress

    * Jesus Zavala, actor, singer

    * Humberto Zurita, actor

    * Mario Almada, actor

    * Agustín Bernal, actor

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Don Juan

    Mike Gonzalez

    Rich Rodriquez

    Javier Vazquez

    Benito Santiago

    Juan Cruz

  • 5 years ago

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Salma Hayek

    Carlos Santana

    Paulina Rubio

    Julieta Venegas




    Los Lobos

    And the "historic ones" ( i know you dont really want these but ill still list them, maybe theyll help:

    Frida Kahlo

    Diego Rivera

    José David Alfaro Siqueiros

    hope i helped :)

    Source(s): ( you can always include me too ;)
  • 1 decade ago

    Salma Hayek!

  • 1 decade ago

    Selena quintanilla- famous mexican singer who was shot when she was in her 20s

  • 1 decade ago

    in addition...was the painter that Salma played in Freda someone Mexican????

  • 1 decade ago

    I can't believe no one's said Carlos Santana yet


  • 1 decade ago

    jessica alba, SELENA!, selena gomez, me lol, lets see.....ummm belanova, manA, juanes, gerorge lopez, that guy that plays ernie on his show HE REPRESENTS THE VALLEY! , umm i kant think of any rite now! jennifer lopes is puerto rican,

  • 1 decade ago


    a.b quintanilla

    pepe aguilar


  • 1 decade ago

    those people...and EVA LONGORIA!

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