What's the funniest thing your little kid said to you?

After I warned my 3 year old son not to use the swear word f...., he never did again and then the other day, we were reading one of his books, we saw a garden fork so I told him what it was and he looked at me like he was shocked and said never ever say that again mummy, that's rude, it's rude...funny those were my exact words to him when he said the f word. I just bursted into laughter. I then decided to call it a garden tool, when he's old enough, I'd let him know the difference between a fork and the f word. What has your little one said to you that you found very funny?

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    I have lots of stories but the most recent ones are

    My 2 year old was annoyed at her older sisters moaning. Instead of saying "stop your grumbling" she said " stop your grumble lions " it was quiet funny

    Another one

    It was thundering recently.My 2 year old had never really experienced thunder before and just shouted "Mum, the lions are coming"

    My 4 year old had been brushing her teeth for some time i asked why she was taking so long. She said " i need to brush them till they are shining cos Daddy wont find his way home in the dark if my teeth are not shiny

    Children are amazing they have the ability to cheer you up even on a very low day

    Bless them all and keep them safe

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    my 3 year old daughter loves american idol. every now and then she just burst out singing this song she made up. she has power notes and shuts her eyes at the emotional parts. she made up a song that goes like this: "if you ever. if you ever touch the stove it will burn you. you will get a bleed and have to go to the hospital and your friends will see it". at the end is where she throws in a power note and raises one arm. it's hilarious!

    another one: she also used to call forks (2 1/2ish) something that sounded like the f word. one night at dinner i asked her if she wanted to use her fork. she responded with f word no.

    last one: this happened wednesday. my girl loves the movie big momma's house 2. we were at the mall and she gets all excited and says mommy, look! it's big momma! fortunately the woman did not hear her and i told my daughter it is not nice to say that so loud. she asked why and i told her that the lady would think that she was saying she was fat. my daughter responded by saying (loudly again), but she is fat!

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    Took kids on an excursion on a container ship in Sydney Harbour. Walking past a door called "Sailor's Mess". Girl asked what was in there. Sailor leading us said go have a look. She went in and came out and said, "Not very messy in there at all."

  • Anna
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    awww haha your story is so cute.

    my little neices were really funny when they were around toddler-7ish age. they are two years apart & one time the older one was talking about this girl at her school that she didn't like... she just kept going on and on & saying more & more offense things but everyone in the room was only sort of listening to her.. except her little sister. & then out of nowhere the little one goes "shut your mouth!" in this really dignified way. the older one was just kind of shocked. we all started cracking up. since then i've noticed the younger one has always been pretty intuitive about social situations. the oldest is in 6th grade now! but watching them is still a riot.

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  • 1 decade ago

    I was visiting my grandparent with my then 4 year old daughter. She was outside playing with other kids while I was talking to my grandparents. She came running inside as fast as she could and ran to my grandpa and said "papa, papa you have to come outside quick there is a nosepecker out there!" We all started laughing histerically and she did not understand why we were laughing. When I could talk again i said to her honey do you meen a woodpecker. And she said oh yeah thats what I meant to say!

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    I gave my little boy an ice lolly around the time he was saying a few words and he said 'oh deep joy' a saying his uncle used regularly was so funny at the time.

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    We had a good friend over and she was about 8 months pregnant. She asked if she could use our bathroom and my then 5 year old daughter said "sure, but don't let your baby fall out"! We still laugh about it all the time!

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    1 decade ago

    i took my little niece to the zoo and she seemed particularly enthralled with the monkey sanctuary. When one started engaging in some rather 'fruity' behaviour she had said with a rather thoughtful and sweet voice, "uncle shakey, what is that monkey doing?' Thinking quickly i said it was merely having a massage before she said "No, I mean the monkey next to the one masturbating"


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    my son asked why mummys bum wables on holiday at the side of the pool in front of everyone i just told him cause mummys on sea food diet =see food and eat it lmao at the time now ime on a strict diet for this years holiday wouldnt want him saying it again kids eah they do and say the funniest things

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    I was at the doctors with my daughter (she had just turned 3) and a really cross eyed woman was sitting across from us, my daughter said with the most innocent look and loudest voice "Mommy, why are her eyes broken?" I was so embarrassed but it was funny!

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