WoW Shaman stats for each talent tree? Any good shaman websites?

I recently rolled a horde shaman (Tauren) and am liking the character play, so I want to continue growing this toon. I don't know much about what stats i should be emphasizing. I get that the elemental tree is the dps one, the enhancement is the 'group buffer' one (I think) and resto is for healers - but what stats go with what? Is it strength for more damage in the elemental tree? Is agility important? I know intellect must be, because I have to drink (or wait) a lot for mana to regen (so spirit must be important too?). Can anyone give me a simple break down of the top three stats a shaman should be stacking?

Also, any good shaman websites out there, like TKASomething is for hunters (my now semi-retired main)?

Thanks in advance for any help.


Thanks Perfectvelvet. Does agility affect spell crits or just melee crits? Why would I use a shield? I always thought that was a tank thing, or an off-tank thing - was surprised to see it as an option for the character...?

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    It depends on what tree you have. Strength affects your melee attack power; agility affects critical strike chance and shield blocking and armor; intellect affects your mana pool; spirit affects your regen rates out of combat; stamina increases your health pool. (Mouse over them in the character select screen, and it'll give you more info.)

    If you're going to be using a shield, you may want agility to help you block and crit. Otherwise, I'd focus on strength and stamina. If your DPS and survivability are high, you won't need the mana for healing and you can always shoot off an occasional shock or two with the mana you do have.

    I played my shaman resto all the way to 70, so I poured in the intellect and the spell damage and healing critical strike chance.

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    Shaman Stats Wow

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