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Babysitting Games and Tips! First Time! Help!!!!!?

Today from three thirty to seven I am going to my first babysitting job! (Eeek!) I'm SO exited! The kids I am babysitting are a seven year old girl(my little sisters best friend!) and her little brother. I dont know for sure how old he is but I've met him amd Im guessing 5-6? I tried looking in the internet for fun games but all I got was safety stuff. ("Locate the fire extingisher befor starting your job, ect.") I know that that is very important but it's not what I was looking for!!! Plz comment on ways to immpress the parents, fun games to play, do's and don'ts, ect. I've probobly talked too much now hu? Sorry, I do that alot!!!

Thanks a lot for any ideas!!!


I'm hearing do play hide and seek and don't play haide and seek. Is it realy THAT dangerous?

Great answers peeps! Keep it coming!

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    I've babysat for three different families before, and am currently still babysitting for one of them (not right now of course, but I'm going in again tomorrow morning).

    Trust me, the parents are impressed when you don't have to rely on TV or movies to keep the kids entertained...otherwise it's like they're paying you to watch TV, which no parent likes to do. Unless of course they suggest you watch TV with the kids (like if they watch TV for an hour after dinner everyday or something), then I would try to stay away from it unless you're at your wit's end.

    Play hide and go seek either inside or outside, but if it's outside make sure you set some boundaries (don't go in the parking lot, stay off the road, etc etc) and you can even play tag like that...the kids I babysit love when I chase them and when I pretend I can't find them (talk out loud when you're looking for them, "Hmmm where could they be...." etc).

    They also love playing simple games like Go Fish, especially if it's with "special" cards (the kids I babysit now play Go Fish with Dora the Explorer cards....they find it much easier to ask if I have a Dora than if I have any aces!)

    But this is important, do not let the kids walk all over you. If the kids are outgoing, it's easy to let this happen. You start playing with them and if you don't set rules or boundaries, they just see you as a friend and not as a babysitter/parent figure. If you set rules or boundaries and they break them, do not shrug it off. They will soon figure out that they won't get in trouble from you and not care about rules anymore. TRUST ME, this has happened to me. If they break a rule or boundary, give them a warning that they have to listen to you and if they don't, they will get a time out. The next time they break it, follow through on the time out. Get them to sit in a room alone or the corner for a couple of minutes, and then when the time out is over, tell them that you love playing with them but reinforce that they still need to listen to you.

    Don't yell, make sure you set and follow rules and boundaries, play imaginary games with the kids, play hide and seek and tag inside or outside, play simple games like Go Fish, and don't resort to TV or a movie unless the parents suggest it or it is necessary (like the kids won't calm down and don't want to play anything that you suggest, or they're getting cranky....then relaxing for half an hour in front of the TV might help).

    Good luck!

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    First Time Babysitting

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    1 decade ago

    Heres something that yo should know before you start-if your babysitting by yourself for the frst time then you might here lots of beeps and stuff like that.They could just be alarms,timers,ect.,So its nice to ask the parents if you need to know about anything like that.What I like to do when I babysit is to do things like make crafts,watch short movies,read a book,ect.But heres something NOT to do.Dont play hide and go seek.Especially if they are old enough to find good hiding spots and also especially if its a big house with lots of rooms.It will get scary if yo cant find them and they wont come out.With the little boy-ooooooooo that will be trouble .Just never let him leave your sightand dont let him climb on furnture or get into the kitchen.With the girl-since you kinda know her then she might want to play tricks on you so have good sense.Babysitting can be sooooo fun and at the same time soooooooo challenginig because you dont know exactly what the rules are so just follow your instinct and you will do so great!Good Luckand Have fun!

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    I have four boys, ages 9, 7, 5, and 4. I have two great teenager babysitters, and they play games that we have at home, such as memory, and other kids' board games. They also read to the kids, and they get out the crayons and color with them. Do:

    Get down to their level and play with them.

    Have fun with them.

    Obey their parents' rules


    Have the TV on the whole time

    Let them try to get you to bend the rules

    Freak out if someone is crying

    Call the parents every ten minutes.

    Have fun, that is the key!

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    For your first meet you could ask questions in a game form. What is your name and you can guess if they give you the first leter, the same with fav animal,fav food,fav drink,fav person, school lesson,sport game,tv programe and so on .This way they love the fact you get it wrong when you answer and it is a way of getting to know them more.Goodluck just the fact you are thinking aboput things proves to me you will be a great sitter.Goodluck and have fun x

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    i always try to do an art project when i babysit. its something different and fun.

    try making something for father day or just make something to hang or use...for mothers day last year i helped the kids decorate little flower pots..and during the summer..they made picture frames with shells and Popsicle sticks.

    you could also bring a book, toy or a movie that you used to always like things they think are "old"

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    some board games like sorry or even card games are nice...

    if its a nice day where you are you can take them to the park

    ask them what they want to do and then see if one of your parents (maybe older sibling) could run and get something from the store or bring it from your house

    ask the parents what the kids like to do...

    maybe if they see that you take the inititive to find out what the kids want to do before you get there, they will trust you more...

    ask your little sister what her friend likes to do and what they do when they are usually over there...

    dont stress out too much.

    and have fun

    good luck

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    5 years ago

    appearing out performs is often particularly exciting with young ones around those an prolonged time. Write out a humorous plot, then permit the youngsters chooses their very very own strains. Video taping it and watching all of it at the same time on the tip of the day is often a blast.

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    just smile a lot and look like you know what your doing..and bring a book or something for when you put them to bed...instead of watching tv because it makes you look responsible when the parents come home. just make sure the kids have a good time. and you will be back

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    play hide and seek and act like you can't find them...they think its hilarious and the kid i babysit loves it that he thinks hes the best hider ever! and also you can do the who-can-not-laugh-at-my-faces-game when you have two or more kids and start making faces and see who can old in there laugh, if they dont think its funny, do a chicken dance or something instead of faces!

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