Which, if any, big banks accept people who are on Chexsystems?

My old bank account got reported to Chexsystems and even though I paid off the money I owed, now I'm finding it almost impossible to open another checking account, which I desperately need. I don't want to do one of those online banks because I don't trust them. Are there any banks, like Bank of America or Chase or something, that work with people who are on Chexsystems? Please no criticisms or telling me I need to be better with my money because I'm not stupid and I know that. I just need to know if you know of any places that can help me. I'm desperate here! Thanks!

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  • Mary A
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    1 decade ago
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    yes there are some banks that will help you. Options depend on where you live. Wells Fargo is a really bad option,. sometimes they will open an account just to close it at a later time. They also use EWS now.

    Bank of America has been making exceptions when you apply online and almost everyone that applies is approved at this time. There may be other options again, depending on where you live

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    I also have the same problem like yours. I've been reported to the Chexsystem (even though I didn't get involve with any money since at the time I was unemployed/housewife) for 3 years. My name will stay another 2 more years after found out from the former bank. The only bank I know is Wells Fargo Bank, this bank allows me to have accounts with them and I can manage my bank account online with no problem for almost one year now. The services is excellent!! Hope this helps.

  • S P
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    You can try this website for some info....I've heard of Wells Fargo opening accounts as well....Run a search online for non chexsytems banks....should give you a lead there...someone had posted a website for non chexsystem banks, but, there was only like 2 banks on it, and I had never heard of them....Bank of America, I believe does it too....you could call either one and see what they'll do for you...sometimes they do what they call a 2nd chance checking, which gives you the opportunity..I'm on one....but...don't bounce any checks, they will automatically cut of your debit card without telling you......

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