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i need new songs!! like popular songs!! im havin a party, and i need rap, rock, all those popular songs! pls!?

Heyy Guys.

I;'m havin a party, & i want some rele cool music !! Can u give me a list of songs i can put on my ipod please?? like all sorts of music, Rihanna, Kelly Clarkson, Tenacious D, Sean Kingston, Justin Timberlake, Linkin Park, & more random ppl like that !! Chart toppers and stuff!! i want the music to be aws, and a huge variety, fun and so ppl wont be like ughh these songs are bad !! I need millions of songs. Artist & Name i can get em off limewire !! Thanks LOADS, A.

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    This is out of all my limewire tracks :)

    Justin TImberlake - Senorita

    Christina A, Pink, Lil Kim etc. - Lady Marmolade

    Scouting For Girls - She's so lovely

    Girls Aloud - Jump

    R Kelly - Ignition

    Aaron Carter - I wan't candy

    Alanis Morriset - Ironic

    Aly & AJ - Potential Break up song

    Amy Winehouse - Rehab

    Aqua - Dr. Jones

    Backstreet Boys - Everybody (backstreet's back)

    Basement Jaxx - Do your thing / Bingo Bango

    Beyonce - Check up on it

    Black Eyed Peas - My humps / Don't lie / Don't funk with my heart

    Blink 182 - All the small things

    Bomfunk MC - Freestyler

    Booty Luv - Some kind of rush

    Bowling for soup - High school never ends

    Britney SPears - I love rock'n'roll / Hit me baby one more time / Peice of me

    Busted - Year 3000 / What i go to school for

    Calvin Harris - The girls

    Cascada - Everytime we touch

    Chris Brown - Kiss Kiss

    Christina A - Carwash

    Ciara - 1, 2 Step

    Cindy Lauper - Girls just wanna have fun

    Daft Punk - Harder better faster stronger

    Davud Jordan - Sun Goes down

    Destiny's Child - Bootylicious / Indipendant Women

    Dizzy Rascal - Flex

    Eminem - My name is / Just loose it

    Enter Shikari - Sorry you're not a winner

    Estelle - Go Gone

    Fall out boy - Sugar we're going down / Grand theft Autumn

    Fergie - Fergilicious

    Flo Rida ft. T Pain - Low

    Girlicious - Like me

    Girls Aloud - No good advice / Sound of the underground

    Good Charlotte - The Anthem

    Gwen Stefani - Wind it up

    Gym Class Heroes - Clothes off / The queen and i

    Hanson - MMm Bop

    Jojo - Beautiful Girls reply

    Justin Timberlake - Cry me a river

    Kanye West - Gold Digga / Stronger / The good life

    Kelly Clarkson - Miss Indipendant

    Kelly Rowland - Work

    Mark Ronson ft Lily Allen - Oh My God

    Mark Ronson ft Amy Winehouse - Valerie

    Mariah Carey - It's like that

    Mark Ronson - Stop me

    McFly - 5 Colours in her hair / Don't stop me now / Obviously / Transylvania

    Mika - Lolli Pop

    Miley Cyrus - Start All Over

    Missy Elliot - We Run this

    My Chemical Romance - I'm not OK / Teenagers

    N Dubzb - I swear

    Natasha Beddingfeidl - These words

    Nelly ft Fergie - Party People

    This took me ages ! There's more if you want to e-mail me (and pick as best answer ;)) Even if you havent heard of them, download them, b/c i guarentee they're all really good! Hope this helps xx

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    Heres how they are listed on the Top 20:

    1. Bye Bye: Mariah Carey

    2. Lollipop: Lil' Wayne

    3. Take A Bow: Rihanna

    4. Bleeding Love: Leona Lewis

    5. Don't Stop The Music: Rihanna

    6 . Touch My Body: Mariah Carey

    7. No Air: Jordin Sparks

    8. Love In This Club: Usher

    9. Sexy Can I: Ray J

    10. Our Song: Taylor Swift

    11. Last Name: Carrie Underwood

    12. 4 Minutes: Madonna

    13. Crying Out For Me: Mario

    14. President :Wyclef Jean

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    Hoochie Mama and Me So Horny- Two Live Crew

    H.O.V.A. and Big Pimpin- Jay Z

    Get Your Freak On- Missy Elliot

    Salt and Peppa- Push It

    At least those are a few songs I'd like to hear at a party. Anything fresh from 50 Cent, Justin Timberlake, Kanye West or T.I. should be just fine. It sounds like you and your friends only listen to the poppy top 40 type of music, so I'm not much help. But hey, I'm trying.

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    Fireman - Lil wayne

    Shake - Pitbull

    Low - Flo Rida

    Way I Are - Timbaland

    Seven Nation Army - White Stripes

    HoodStar - Bow Wow & Omarion

    Killa - Cherish

    Wall to Wall - Chris Brown

    Oh - Ciara

    Roc Boys - Jay-Z

    Good Life - Kanye West

    Stronger - Kanye West

    Touch The Sky - Kanye West

    Get Low - Lil' Jon

    Please Dont Stop The Music - Rihanna

    Beautiful Girls - Sean Kingston

    Church - T-Pain

    Big Things Poppin - T.I.

    Scream - Timbaland

    Its Goin Down - Young Joc

    I got sooo many more but dont wanna overload so just hit me up if you want more ideas

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    I don't know about putting music on your ipod, but have you tried asking everyone who comes to just bring a CD with their name written on it? Kind of like instead of collecting keys at the door, collect CDs. Odds are that everyone has a little bit different taste in music, so that way you would have a huge variety to choose from throughout the part. And everyone could easily just pick up their CD on the way out. Most people keep a handful of CDs in their cars anyway.

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    Get the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles II Secret of the ooze soundtrack. Raphael does some bad rappin

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    Lollypop : Lil wayne

    Church : T-pain

    Baby got back (i dont know who its by but it is the best song, everyone knows it, you know, i like big butts and i cannot lie, you other brothas cant denie when a girl walks in with an iddy biddy waist and a round thing in your face you get SPRUNG!)

    Yeah Yeah - Bodyrox ft. Luciana

    Tipsy - J-Kwon Oldie but a goldie


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    kelly clarkson-since you've been gone

    tenancious D- hiccup

    Sean Kingston ft Natasha Bedingfield-never find a love like this

    Justin Timberlake- like i love you

    linkin park-let it out

    pcd-when i grow up


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    Gym Class Heroes - Clothes Off

    it's a nice and upbeat song.

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    Get some real music like Iron Maiden, Metallica, or Megadeth.

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