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contract 問題, 幫幫手唔該!!

Joe, a famous singer in HK, signed a contrct with Wonder Ltd. for a show at the eve of Chinese New Year at Hong Kong coliseum. Joe received half of the remuneration as deposit and the remaining balance should be payable immediately after the show. Unfortunately on the show day, an accident occurred when Joe drove his car on the way to the venue. Joe's car was damaged and he was badly injured. The show was cancelled. Now, Wonder Ltd wants to sue Joe for breach of contract.

a) Advise Joe whether he is liable for the brach or nt.

b) Would your answer be different if the police find out that Joe was drunk and drove his car on the wrong lane at the time of the accident?

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    A) No. Joe is not liable for the breach of contract.

    If accident happened after the contracted was made and signed, but before the service was provided, then the contract is viod. Accident meant, for example, car crashed caused by someone else fault. Joe had done all possible things to aviod it.

    B) Yes. Joe is liable for the breach of contract

    Since Joe was drunk, it was not an accident in legal prospective. Joe will take up whole or partial lost of the show.

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