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因個人的需求而選擇 但 由於人口日增




















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    Today industry society vigorous development science and technology advance traffic tool grind ask a quesition lifetime make we mankind life enjoyment to maximum convenient now traffic tool have automobile locomotive train airplane and so on because of individual demand option but because of population is growing steam locomotive quantity also more and more by is confined to Taiwan land narrow space want how to notice combine maintenance driving person trip vehicle safety is we urgent must go to thought problem now traffic often can see rush red light case this is violate rule driving person very not respect life behavior not only is take self life joke more is let other driving person filling in traffic danger uneasy in fear ten traffic accident nine rapid so we travel traffic tool should comply with road rule in time speed restriction stipulation combine maintain vehicle between with vehicle safety distance with avoid accident occur affect to life property damage final hope all can in view of Taiwan land restriction steam locomotive use space final end will tend to in saturation then traffic meeting more crowd confusion traffic accident case also meeting frequently please treasure resource good with popular traffic tool a notice traffic safety guarantee life


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    好心要幫人家翻譯 就不要用翻譯軟體


    輔大外語學院有英文系 日文系 德文系 法文系 西班牙文系 就是沒有外文系

    翻譯得那麼不通順 賺個兩點也就算了

    萬一發問者拿去交作業 或交給老闆當報告

    不是害人家死當 就是害人家被炒魷魚

    拜託 拜託 好心一點


  • 可兒
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    Industrial society grow vigorously the scientific and technological progress today Research and development appearance of means of transportation make our human life enjoy the great facility There is present means of transportation automobile motorcycle train plane,etc. Choose because of personal demand Increase day by day because of people quantity, vapour of motorcycle too more and more to limited to Taiwan land narrow and small space want how notice and maintain We can often see the situation of making a dash across the red light in urgent problem a present traffic that must think Behavior not respecting the life that this is extremely a driver in violation of rules and regulations Not only make fun of one's own life Let the rights of the person of other driving sink into the traffic in the dangerous and uneasy fear especially Nine times traffic accidents of ten times are fast So we go the means of transportation should be in accordance with the regulation that the rule of the road limit rapidly in time Keep the safe distance between the car and car In order to prevent the emergence of the accident from involving to the damage end of the lives and properties Hope everybody can consider the restriction of the land of Taiwan Using the space to tend towards the saturation at last finally of vapour motorcycle The traffic will be more crowded and more confused when the time comes The situation of the traffic accident will be frequent too Please treasure resources and make the best of the popular means of transportation Pay attention to the traffic safety together Guarantee life

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