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How good is Ryan Doumit?

can Doumit produce solid numbers when he comes off of dl?

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    Based on the following, one would think Doumit would be worth a gamble: He's at that magical age of 27 years-old this year, the Pirates demoted Ronny Paulino to the minors, which means that Doumit only has journeyman Raul Chavez to battle for at bats in Pittsburgh.

    So he has the playing time all, but guaranteed. The problem is that his K/BB ratio is just awful. He does have a career, MLB high on-base % of .382 and is not too far off his career highs in the minors. Doumit also hit a lot of doubles in the minors, which eventually do turn into homeruns. Doumit usually had a doubles to HR ratio of 2:1. But this year and in 2006, he was able to cut it down to a 1:1 ratio. That could explain why his slugging % is through the roof (for his standards) this year. So the power is for real on this guy. However, the .350 batting average is a bit of a fluke just because he does strikeout a lot. I believe he has the ability to finish the year at a max .280, but wouldn't be surprised if that number falls to .270.

    A catcher who might be available and who might put better numbers than Doumit is Jarrod Saltalamacchia. The problem with Salty is that he's not getting the playing time right now, but when he does, definitely has the potential to post better than solid numbers.



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