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My Ex (never married) has full custody of our son.?

I want to try and get full custody of my son who is 10, because my ex really just looks at him as a paycheck and is really doing a poor job raising him. How hard is it to get custody changed in Washington state? My son has witnessed his mom getting drunk and beat up and I just cant take it anymore. She is more concerned with her NEW baby (baby daddy want nothing to do with her) than our son. I only have him for a short time and it is very hard to fix emotional damage over a weekend so I am setting up therapy over the summer. I just want my son to be happy and healthy.

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    I also live in Washington state and know that Judge's around here do NOT mess around when it comes to child endangerment and neglect cases. Definately speak to a lawyer about what you can do in order to gain custody of your son. Being 10 years old, he is in the years of his life that are crucial in forming him as a person. Seeing his mother abuse alcohol and be beaten up can affect a child as young as him mentally. Really look into finding out your options. Just becuase she is the mother doesn't give her any sort of advantage. Goodluck!

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    Can't tell you about WA, but NY is a b$#ch. I was married, he bribed the judge and got physical custody of our daughter, and we both have legal joint custody. It sucks.

    The only way here is if there is a severe change in circumstances, meaning abuse, neglect, etc.

    Luckily I got my daughter in counseling before the divorce and she stayed in it throughout the divorce process. It is tough work, I cried, and cried with all the emotional crap she went through...

    His family totally tried to brainwash me against her.

    I just kept plugging away, talking to her, letting her know how much I loved her, and I was always there to talk to her whenever she needed.

    Now 3 years later, my ex and I are on speaking terms now, our daughter is very well adjusted, and accepts the situation for what it is...I have had to as well.

    My ex has changed his tune as well, he has found his family to be the way I always said they were, so he has been shielding her from these horrible things also.

    Good luck, you need to speak to a lawyer to find out what you can do.

    I know I didn't help you that much, but just wanted to let you know what else goes on.

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