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Okay, I want a whole insight on the election...?

Tell me everything you know about the candidates, their views, and what is happening. The most detailed and unbiased answer wins! Thanks everyone!


People I have gotten pretty bad answer except for the last answer!! I want unbiased info!

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    Decide for yourself.

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    Same principals as Bush, wants to stay in Iraq for the long haul, promises health care reform, promises better tax rates,but as I said same principals as Bush


    Opposite Bush. Wants to withdraw troops from Iraq (with a plan, not just yank everyone out). He wants to double the capital gains tax on the Mutual Funds.. not for middle class, but for families making six figures (no those making $50-$70 thousand as mentioned.

    Neither candidate has spelled out how they will put forth their promises. Wait for the plan before you jump overboard.

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    Here's the scoop on the most important issue "Iraq"

    Oboma: Wants to retreat our troops as soon as possible witch will end the war before defeating the "Al Quada" Witch will then trigger them to propose an attack on the US of A

    McCain: Will stay true and holy to protect our country before another attack and will not bail out intill we finish our duties of defeating the Al Quada, and are free from all terroist threats.

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    Sorry, I don't have enough time to tell you my whole insight on the election. I'm voting for Obama, but here's a good unbiased source for information that you can use as a starting point. Explore it.

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    it has been a whole bunch money wasting crap with all the money spent on this so call election alot of thing in the USA could have been fixed like school and other things and now that this part of the election over. our votes didn't really matter

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    He wants to double the capital gains tax on the Mutual Funds of middle-class families making over $70,000 a year. The vast majority of middle-class families make more than $70,000 a year and have all of their investment savings in Mutual Funds.

    He's the same old left-wing radical politics that the American people have rejected time and time again.

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    hillary is out

    obama is a liar

    mccain is a republican war hero

    who do you want running our country

    a patriotic war hero with numerous terms in washington

    or a first term liberal leftist, who cant decide if he is a member of his church of 20 years, when a black preacher preaches racism and poppycock, then obama says he doesnt support the churchs point of view.... hmmmmm..


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    This is an election of a black against a white candidate. Blacks are bloc voting group. Whites are not. It's time to reciprocate.

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    We have very little to chose from. George Bush the third, or Osama Obama

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    Who are you? My poly sci prof from college?

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