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Does anyone know of a car rental company that rents with car seats installed?

I want to rent a car to take a trip (don't have a vehicle that is super reliable, want to take a 7 hour trip) and would rather rent a car with a seat installed than do it myself. Do you know of any of

companys do that?


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    Enterprise Rent A Car can provide a car seat for you. Speak to the branch manager. Every area has cars with car seats, the branch manager just needs to find and locate the car for you.

    Source(s): Husband works for enterprise rent a car. He's sitting next to me and I Just asked him this question :)
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    For starters, definitely do NOT trust a rental agent to install your child's car seat! That's putting your child's life in the hands of a stranger who likely has no clue how to do it right and furthermore, doesn't have the manual to the vehicle or the car seat to be able to find out how to do it right.

    Secondly, never use rented car seats - its as dangerous as using used car seats b/c you don't know the history. One car seat tech learned this the hard way - her family rented a vehicle and asked for child restraints for their 7 week old baby. The worker brought out a forward facing only, old seat with no manual and twisted straps. Then they brought out a dirty, near expired infant carrier with twisted straps and no manual.

    Take your own seats and be prepared to take a little extra time to make sure you install them correctly or set up an appointment with a tech for right after you pick up the car so you can get assistance.

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    On a recent trip we called a lot of companies and most offer... I know for sure Budget does. But it was cheaper to bring my own and put it in as the cost of the rented seat was just as much as buying a brand new carseat.

  • I'm from Australia. I rented a car from AVIA with the car seat installed and great nice cars and cheap 2.

    Have a good road trip and trip.

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    I believe it's Budget that has car seats available for rent with the car. I know at least at the rental car places at airports, they do.

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    Contact the rental car company with the information from your receipt. They will send your straps back to you!! I have forgotten many similar things over the years, and they are very willing to assist in this manner!! Good luck on this!!

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    I am sure there is..

    you would have to call around and see though,..

    Dont know where your from but they do it here in Canada

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    Thrifty does... I think its $10/day extra

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    Take your seat and put it in. Or, stop at a check point.

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