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how do most people feel about marijuana use?

just wondering what people think about weed

do you think it is addictive?

does it affect your life negatively if you smoke everyday?

do you think people who smoke weed are automatically losers?

that kind of thing

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    When you're growing up (18-21) I think weed is an ok thing to try. I have seen it help bring people out of those awkward years but if you don't realize after a while that it isnt something you need, you become sort of a pothead.

    Using it more than 2 times a week isn't something I would recommend, first people start referring to you as a pothead then you start being the kid people can always smoke with and finally you deal cause it makes sense economically. Never Ever get to that dealing point.

    I have seen friends be mature with it and only use it once once a month or every few months or just at a party or to relax and then I have seen some friends disappear cause they are constantly smoking and vegging out.

    So basically, its a judgment call...if someone is mature enough not to become obsessed with everything marijuana then they should be able to try it and see what happens BUT if you do it just because you think you'll be a loser if you don't, there is a big chance you'll become addicted, or as much as one can be to pot (and I have seen it happen) BE CAREFUL.

    *I am not supporting smoking marijuana, I am simply giving one view on a subject. Be safe kids...Smoking hurts your lungs and brain cells!

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    I think a lot of people on YA are against it, at least that's what it seems like when I see posts about people asking if they should try certain substances. I just think a lot of them have never tried it for themselves, and are basing their opinions on propaganda. Seriously, alcohol is WAYYYY more inebriating.

    I personally don't find it addicting. Scientifically it's not chemically addictive, but can be habit-forming (And yes, there is a difference)

    Everyday is a little much. I was damn near close that before I graduated high schooll... I don't really think it affected me too adversely, but maybe other people saw a difference. I still graduated with a good GPA and all that. I smoke very rarely now... like maybe once a month, or sometimes 2 or 3. Mainly just like a social thing, like people go out to bars. I never buy my own, just occasionally take people up on their offers.

    There are people that are losers that smoke pot, but that really can't be 100% blamed on the pot. They were likely losers or on their way to becoming losers before they ever even smoked (which is unfortunate because it gives all smokers a bad name)... I went to college, hold a professional job, and am generally a successful person. My boyfriend is also proof of this and he does smoke nearly every day.

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    I am deeply involved in marijuana advocacy.

    Marijuana and the people who smoke it are often subject to a stereotype that is, by in large, ridiculous and untrue.

    I know many people that smoke it very often...be it every other day or every day and are not losers in any stretch of the imagination. People who are considered successful and happy and fulfilled.

    It can be habit-forming, but that differs from what one would consider addiction. Cigarettes and alcohol can definitely be considered addictive.

    It is not a deadly substance in the slightest. Smoking anything can be damaging to the lungs but DOES NOT cause lung cancer or any other type of cancer at that. In fact, recent research proves there may be a slight protective effect against cancers.

    For those that are concerned about smoking there are healthier ways of ingesting marijuana. I have actually never eaten any food cooked with marijuana, but I do own a vaporizer and that feels absolutely wonderful.

    I smoke often. Usually just about everyday, but not necessarily everyday. It doesn't lower my ambition or drive from day-to-day.

    I run my own business and my wife runs her own business. She smokes just as much as myself. We have two nice cars that are paid off and a house that is, as well, paid off. If that makes us losers, then so be it.

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    It's not physically addictive, but it can be psychologically speaking.

    At times it's a right chuckle, but on the flip side, motivation levels just disappear and it's easy to be a bit of bum if using excessively! It's not exactly a cheap habit either (not like tea and cakes!- munchies food too!)

    Everything in moderation.

    I don't think users are losers, but I have great respect for those who have never tried it.

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    I don't know if it's addicting or not, and I really don't care...I think it does affect one's life negatively...I think that smoking weed makes a person very weak, and the consequences of smoking it are still there, but people don't seem to realize or care about them... those who think it's fun just can't find better things to do with their time...I'm friends with people who smoke weed but I think it is very stupid and those people are weak for having to do so...I don't like to judge but that's what I think about marijuana use...nobody should do it...

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    At my sister's highschool, about 5% of the people there do marijuana, and most of them are fat, get bad grades, and have lots of hideous pimples. They are fat, because they get the munchies and are too lazy to work out. They get bad grades because they are too stoned and, again, lazy to study. They get pimples because marijuana triggers a part in the endocrine system that produces more oils that clog pores in the skin.

    I would never be friends with a stoner. I get straight A's and am an athelete, so my friends and I are polar opposites of them. No offence to anyone that does drugs, but doing drugs is the lamest thing ever.

    People on marijuana also do stupid things, and hurt other people, which is definetly not right. And smoking anything is just disgusting. Seriously, my mom has asthma, and she gets an attack everytimes she smells even ciggarette smoke. It is inconsiderate and rude to do it in public.

    Source(s): My Teen Issues class and my sister's High School.
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    i think it's ok to do it once in a while, like at a parties but, don't think people should be pot heads. i think once your older and have kids you should grow up and stop. no, i don't think it's addictive or that they are automatically losers.

  • Alan
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    I feel the same about weed as I do about alcohol.

    If you choose to do it, that's your choice.

    BUT, if you kill someone whilst under the influence, you should be up for the death penalty. With no appeals.

    If you merely maim someone, your intoxication / drug induced euphoria would be a factor in TRIPLING your sentence.

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    no its something you do or you don't do and its not addictive. i don't smoke but i could care less if anyone else does.

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    im not taking it. i know this girl who got suspended and her brother smoke marijuana and no way am i taking it. it is exxtremely addictive. u will positively die from it and they are losers to me. but its their choice

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