How long do I need to charge an 8.4 volt 2400mah airsoft battery?

Just bought one and it didnt say how long to charge it for on the website. Anyone know?

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  • 1 decade ago
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    it depends on your "dumb" wall charger's output rating, for example if it has a 500ma then divide it into your battery capacity of 2400mah, and you get the hours needed to charge.


    it's easier to understand if you just look at the units, you have mah for the battery capacity, so to get the "h" in hours just have to get rid of the "ma" so mah/ma=h

    Be careful, don't overcharge it for too long - if you are forgetful, or just want to charge it overnight w/o worries of overcharging just head over to your home depot they have this product for a mere $5, I use them all the time with my plain-old wall chargers - cheap peace of mind.

    Intermatic Lamp & Appliance Timer TN111C

    However the smart chargers are not all that expensive - If your capacity is 1100mah or higher I recommend either one of these:

    Smart Universal Charger


    Universal Charger


    I have the first one, It charges most of my packs in about an hour or so. The only thing it lacks is a discharge cycle for ni-cad packs.


    Source(s): Battery Guide - With Charge Time Calculator @ ASR
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  • 1 decade ago

    Well i leave mine in the night before i play. But id say thats a little too long :) so for a GOOD charge, anywhere from 5-7 hours

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  • 1 decade ago

    Here is a great battery primer with links to a charge time calculator.

    You really should invest in a smart charger that cuts off current when the battery is fully charged.

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  • Usually 5-7 hrs on a regular charger. If you have one of those smart chargers the time will be cut shorter.

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    1 decade ago

    It sometimes depends on what the battery is composed of, such as NiCd(Nickel Cadium) or NiMH(Nickel Metal Hydrate).

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