Virtual Villagers 3, hear me out?

Ok i had my whole tribe, they were doing really good, there was almost 20 of them but i built my tribe before i had a good enough food source. So my first tribe (the ones i started with) died babies and moms too the only ones remaining were a 45 year old woman Angela with black hair with her baby and a girl named Grace maybe 16 years old. They all had black hair, so then thank god the baby became a boy. So i had to wait for him to be old enough to reproduce. So finally they had a baby, it was a girl Tina, she had black hair, i started right away for another one to get my tribe back, another girl Lilly, black hair, tried again a boy, Jack III, and again black hair. So again i tried another boy Phillip black hair, and she just now had another baby so im waiting to see what color hair. Does this mean my tribe will forever have black hair?

And how many more babies do you think i could get out of her?

Assuming a year is an hour and she is 45 now and with a baby, one or two more?

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  • 1 decade ago
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    I don't know about the hair color thing, but the mother can produce children until she is 50 years old. I did have a random dude show up from nowhere during the game and start researching, so even if all the progeny from your male and female dark-haired parents have dark hair, there's a chance that guy could show with different colored hair and mate with one of your women and have kids with a different color hair.

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