Slam Dunk Trade? Should I trade Billy Wagner and Brandon lyon (closers) for Adrian Gonzalez, Dice K and Marcum

This seems like a slam dunk trade but then I will be left to torres and rafael soriano for saves who are not at all reliable with gagne and acosta competiting for opportunities as well.

What do you guys think?

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    1 decade ago
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    Take it and run!

    Billy Wagner < Shaun Marcum - Billy has 13 saves compared to Marcum's 0. But the advantage of having Marcum is that he's both a starter and a reliever! Marcum is 5-3 which is pretty even to 13 saves and Marcum has an amazing ERA of 2.36 compared to Wagner's .36. But Billy Wagner is a reliever and Shaun Marcum is mostly a starter. A 2.36 average for a starter is amazing! Wagner also has been known to struggle more in the second half of the season.

    Brandon Lyon < Dice K - Let's see... Dice K is said to be ready back to pitch by THIS WEEKEND! Dice K is 8-0 compared to Lyon's 1-1. Lyon has a 1.57 ERA compared to Dice K's 2.53. If you really compare them Lyon has a pretty average ERA for a closer compared to Dice K's above average ERA for a starter.

    __________ < Adrian Gonzalez - Adrian Gonzalez obviously wins this one and he has not only been Great he's been on-real! 17 Homeruns comapred to the league average of 6 and 55 Homeruns compared to the league average of 23. Gonzalez is only 13 RBI's away from the league leader Josh Hamilton.

    Gonzalez is really the turning point of this deal!

    TAKE IT!

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    I dont know man this kinda depends on how many pts they get for innings pitched, wins, and saves. The way I see it, Soriano is the RP now that Smoltz out. Torres could lose it, but see if someone dropped Jason Isringhausen and pick him up. Even still though, I think I would do it. Gonzalez is breaking out and though Lyon has been doing well, he is still young and not a dominant RP. And Dice K is awesome, hopefully he'll come back healthy. I'd go for it. No use having so many RP's on a roster anyways I suppose.

    Source(s): I have some of these players on my teams so I've been following them, you should come play fantasy football against me at and win some muuula dude.
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    HIT THE "ACCEPT TRADE" BUTTON ASAP. Dice K is up there in wins, and Marcum has one of the lowest ERA's in the game and who cares about saves? Unless you can get F-Rod, Joe Nathan, Papelbon or Valverde who cares about closers it's one category. Dice K and Marcum will add to the win total, K's, and ERA and will have a lot more influence on your team.

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    I would probably do t cause i cant see gagne winning his job back plus Acosta sucks and has blown his last 2 saves and your getting a great deal in return.

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  • baxter
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    4 years ago

    no do not commerce Wagner he's doing large. the different pitcher isn't that good anyhow. he's likewise on espn's undroppable list so he's of direction very powerful in delusion baseball

  • 1 decade ago

    saves is just one category so, i would say hell yeah, do the trade

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