Is the FDA a joke?

The FDA has been running on an annual government funding of$2 billion. In Sept. 2007, Congress increased this to $145 mil. with about 25% going to drug review. The rest of the drug review budget (some $400 mil.) comes from drug companies. They are called user fees-designed to speed up applications for new drugs. Who is the real winner here?

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    The FDA arrested a person for curing aids. Then the new york supreme court let them go and they still practice medicine. Go figure. His name is dr sebi, look it up. It's true. Didn't hit the news though I wonder why? The FDA makes more money off of treating disease than they do curing it. That's why there has not been a cure since polio. It helps to keep the population #1 working and #2 paying for treatment their entire lives. But noooooooo there are no conspiracies going on in politics. Same for the American cancer society and any other disease help assosiations. If there was no cancer then why would they need the assosiation? No more money for the owners. No cure for that reason.

    Source(s): Gomanyes, no they weren't they were trying the same crap they have since they were started. They told us that it would help regulate what was good and what was bad but they really just wanted it so they could close any competitive business. You know the ones that really do try to find cures.
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    Under the Bush administration, the FDA seems more interested in protecting the drug companies than the consumers. It's pretty sad. They were much more competent under Clinton.

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    You all do understand that its GOVERNMENT... they make the rules. Don't be surprised, just keep your eyes open.

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    Very Much So!!! They help make people really right while making others really sick!!

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