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act out jackie chan~~~?

could someone tell me that a good way to act out jackie chan.

the action is for individual....and ..i'm not a guy..

so~~~~i don't want to act out so violent~~~

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    Jackie Chan is not violent. In fact he is reknown for his gymnastic/ balletic/comedic escapes from violent situations.

    Chan, now pushing 60! is a remarkably talented individual. He studied w/ The Peking Opera before making a name for himself as a stuntman in the Bruce Lee (hope you know who he was) films "Fists of Fury" and "Enter The Dragon".

    His career has blossmed ever since.

    I would suggest intensive study of gymnastics. Among Chan's trademarks are the dodging of knives and bullets (this is hollywood after all). He is also known for running upside-down, and jumping and steadying himself on seemingly impossible objects like moving cars and and trains.

    One thing you should do is study his facial expressions, they are another trademark and are easy to mimic. If you can get them spot on people will recognize you as Jackie Chan Good Luck.

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