What if God does't speak english with ideas like new world order, holocausts, global power, one nation...?

What will be the outcome if in the ending according to His return (for those who really have read scripture) we dont understand His language...What if a rise of the anti christ is already here but we cant understand him either???? What then???

English Proto-Semitic Akkadian Mehri Arabic Hebrew Syriac Ge'ez Phoenician

father *ʼab- ḥa-yb ab- ʼab- ʼāḇ ʼab-ā ʼab ab-

heart *lib(a)b- ḥa-wbēb libb- lubb- lēḇ(āḇ) lebb-o libb lib

house bayt- beyt, bêt bītu, bētu bayt- báyiṯ, bêṯ beyt-o bet bet

peace *šalām- səlōm šalām- salām- šālôm shlom-o salām salem

tongue *lišān-/*lašān- əwšēn lišān- lisān- lāšôn leššān-o lissān lshen

water *may-/*māy- ḥə-mō mû (root *mā-/*māy-) māʼ- máyim mayy-ā māy maym


Oh i trust Him dearly, but realisticly what if we are all off severly. Like the tower of bable, he confused there toungs? But kept the line of communication with his people Jerusalem...Jew's. we are English, from Latin and so on. How far of are we really in knowledge and truth?

Update 2:

Is this question too touchy?? I thought God Never Changes, I thought he was a Jealous God, and that I would know Him in all his slendor like when was there in the Begining?? Hum Seems like the world is asking God to conform to our ways????HUMMMM Interesting

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    leave the anti christ alone..he is here or soon to be here..to bring a close to this wicked age.

    new world order has already been formed back in 1948..when United nation came into being. the rise of the roman empire is here and prosperity and getting stronger, in wealth and military.

    GOD created all language it was HIM to WILL that english be a world known language...before Hebrew ever started.

    GOD is in full control..of HIS WILL To be DONE. someday..money will be replace with electronic in some ways..camera at every streetlight.businesses, ect..the middle east will have a major drought..lack of water..as payback of their hatred..and love of money. eearthquake will become more and more. europe will experience them too..in the coming years.

    the end is still many decades away.

    for the body of Christ are NOT ONE BODY..one faith..ect. they are not healthy and wealthy..by the work of FAITH..vs sweat and toils alone.

    GOD bless the obedience.

    and satan devours the wicked.

  • grnlow
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    1 decade ago

    Do you think All Mighty God cannot understand simple English?

    The anti-Christ is here and has been since the time of the apostles. (1 John 2:18; 4:3) Most people understand and follow it quite well.

  • 1 decade ago

    God would not send me off on a blank mission. He would prepare me with what I needed to know. I trust him.

  • 1 decade ago

    Trust God. Fear nothing.

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