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joke for george bush haters.....?

a dying soldier from the US army calls upon the nurse and tells her that he wants to kiss the american flag before dying. the nurse looks for the flag for some time but unable to find one, comes back to the soldier and tells him that although she couldnt find the american flag anywhere, she has a tattoo of the flag on the front portion of her thigh and he can kiss it if he wants too. the soldier happily agrees and after kissing the tattoo flag, says "ok...turn around so i can kiss Bush too"

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    Here's mine:

    A woman went to buy a car. A salesman sold one to her and when she was driving home in her new car, she turned on the radio and to her surprise, there was only one station, so she drove back to the car dealership and confronted the salesman. The salesman told her it was a smart car/radio and that she could just tell the radio what type of music/station to put on. So she got back into the car and said "Country." and country music was played. Satisfied, she drove on home. After awhile she decided to change it so she said "Pop." on came pop music. A few minutes later, a person ran the red light and almost hit her and she yelled "Son of a *****!". On came a press conference of George W. Bush.

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    I have to give it a 8 and here's why.

    I love the joke and ai hate our president so that improves the score. But the george bush jokes are a little old, i'm just looking ahead to when Barack Obama is president.

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    Ok. That's gotta be a perfect 10!

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    OH thats horrible horrible funny

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Good one!!! I give it a 10 ~~~

  • Anonymous
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    Oh my gosh that's so funny, thank you SO much!!

    11/10 deff

    Its amazing :D

    well done

    xx xx

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    QUALITY!! Never heard of that one and original too! Thanks for cheering me up! Have a great night!

    8 out of ten!!

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    you make me wonder how the human race still exists

  • I get it, but its just okay.


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