16-year old son & household chores?

Okay, my son has a summer job - he's a stocker at the local grocery store working 25-30 hours / week (3 evenings).

My husband & I have divided chores among the kids, & our son has to take out the trash two days a week, change the litter box once a week, and do the dishes / clean the kitchen twice a week. I don't think that is unreasonable. (Our other kids have similar responsibilities and our 14-year old daughter usually does way more!)

Our son is making about $90 / week. Half of that goes into his savings account. We take him to work & pick him up because he doesn't have his license or vehicle. He generally blows his money at fast food restaurants near the store on the days he works, plus those "monster" energy drinks.

Last night, my husband reminded him it was his night for dishes, & he informed his dad that he should not have to do the dishes because he "hardly ever eats at home since he's working". We have our thoughts. What are yours?

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  • Alila
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    1 decade ago
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    I agree with him:

    I'd say that if he didn't dirty the dishes he shouldn't have to clean them.

    But he is old enough to do his own laundrey... he has to learn eventually since he won't be living at home forever.

    If he wants to be more indepenat let him, just make sure he gets all the responsibilites that come with it.

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    I would charge him for you to drive him to his job, Gas isnt cheap and then when he does his chores, you can give it back as a small allowance.

    If he decides not to do it, charge him- tell him you are doing his job and if and when he starts a real job- and he doesnt do it and someone else does, they will get his pay- just like you are doing now. Also inform him that the person who does more without complaining at work- usually gets the promotion!

    Maybe he will catch on, maybe he wont. Also, tell him in a family, a family all works together. Sometimes one person gives 99 percent and the other 1 percent and then sometimes it is reversed. But that is the reality of life.

    I would change the chores between kids - make it fair for all.

    Maybe weekly-

    My kids complain too- thats a teenager for you...

    I have my two do this- one sets table and empties dishwasher- the other one clears the table and fills the dishwasher. whether they eat of not. And when one complains, I add another chore- there was only complaining a couple of times after that- they got the drift!. If you want to be really silly, tell hiim he can do his wash from now on- because you are not going to do it- you dont wear it!

    See how that goes!!!!.

    If he doesnt want to do it- charge him- like rent-because you are doing it for him- maybe that will make him think different.

    maybe he wont want to give up his money too easily for that!

    (and it will lessen his money for fast food and high priced energy drinks!

    Good luck- mom of teens!

  • helene
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    1 decade ago

    Fine. Either give him another chore instead of dishwashing (like LAUNDRY---he still wears clothes every day, right? :D), or tell him that if he isn't willing to act like a member of the family and do his fair share of chores, he has to pay you the rate of a taxi fare to get him to and from work three nights a week. Remind him of the current price of gas.

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    Time to put him in his place.

    I would remind him that it is by your leave and support that he even has that job, and if he is going to get an attitude because of it, he will be made to quit.

    You and hubby work assumably, so should you not have to do housework? Doesn't work that way. It's part of being a member of the household.

    If he is not mature enough for a job, make him wait till he is. He needs to know that in the real world, you have a job you are paid for and a job at the house.

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  • 1 decade ago

    I think that if he is NOT at home eating and dirtying the dishes, then he should not have to clean up after everyone else. But on the nights that he IS home, he should. Maybe remind him that Mom & Dad have jobs, and still have to do chores at home after work.

  • ajkep
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    1 decade ago

    Does he want a bill each time he DOES eat at home? I say it wouldn't be fair to make him wash the dishes on nights he isn't home, but he should do them on the nights he is. It's his house too, so he should contribute.

    Mention to your daughter that she's welcome to start her own maid service--she can do his chores for, let's say $5 per chore? I did that when my brothers and I were working!

  • O.o
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    1 decade ago

    Ha, I laughed at this. I am not even his age and I have to do much more, and I only get $15 a month! You are the parent you need to put him in his place. Explain that as long as he is living in your house it's YOUR rules, no matter if he's working or not.

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    If he doesn't want to do chores, then he can pay his share of gas and rent. Should come to about 35 dollars a week, with current gas prices. (and that doesn't include food.. after all he's not eating at home anymore!)

  • 1 decade ago

    I think once the child has a job he no longer needs do chores around the house!! exept for keeping his room cleaned!

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