How to get boats for a boat dealership or a Boat Rental Business.?

I was wondering if there was a way that companies (sea doo, yamaha, maxum, bayliner) etc. would give you boats to put on your lot to sell without you actually having to buy them first, and you keep a percentage of the sale, and how you would go about doing that. Also, I was wondering if there was a way to get boats/jet skis/canoes/kayaks to rent out in the same manner. Thanks

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    I sold boats for a dealer in North Atlanta and can offer my experience. I do know boat manufacturers maintain "territory". We, for instance, were the MasterCraft dealer for all of Georgia. MasterCraft protected us well by requiring dealers elsewhere selling to buyers with residence in Georgia a percentage.

    Before you do anything in life for income, WORK in the industry FIRST. It is difficult to establish a "boat dealership" due to requirements. If you are an individual your personal "finances" will be the beginning "factor". You will need to offer a "service department" as well.

    Easiest way, and you can make a lot of money, "used boat business". This will be the beginning of establishing a successful dealership to possibly become a "new" boat dealer in the future.

    Manufacturers want to see numbers, YOUR sales. As in any sales job a "quota" will be assigned for you to purchase boats to sell. In addition, you will need to purchase trailers as well. Trailers for new boats are designed for that boat.

    PWC manufacturers seem to sell to anyone with the money to purchase in quantity. They do assign a "quota" as well. Other requirements may factor as well.

    I can, from experience in the business, NEW boat sales is a tough business. "Margins" are NOT all that great to offer good pricing buyers will accept. NO matter what "brand" of boat you sell "competitive" boats are numerous. Not only establishing contact for "new" boats, but YOU must establish relationships with "lenders" and banks for financing to buyers. Insurance can be costly as well.

    This info is what I learned by selling for a dealer. You must understand as well the "seasons" to sell. Boat dealers earn 40% + of their "annual " profits at "boat shows" early in the year, usually beginning in January. Buyers will continue through the beginning of summer. Through summer months it is "slow" and does not really "pick up" again till early winter, this "time frame" buyers can get a deal.

    Dealers in this business are like a "community". Everyone knows each other due to the many "boat shows" all attend. You are in competition but there will be times you need to call to help a customer. It could be for a boat you recommend not on your lot or for service. Remember, this is a business that also depends on referral business and any assistance for a client will be rewarded by referred customers.

    Hope this helps, Good Luck.

    Source(s): Sold boats in North Atlanta for years.
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    One of my life long best friends owns one of the largest Boat Dealerships in Texas. Fact is, they make more money selling you financing and insurance then they do on the boat - and that's not to say they don't make money on the boat. And, if you have ever owned a boat (especially one too big to trailer) you know that when the name "Marine" goes on it - the price goes up about ten fold. That goes for parts, labor, and every thing else. As my "Boat Dealer friend" often says: "If I ran a restaurant, no one could afford to eat there."

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    Most use the banks and have a plan that covers interest only for a period of time>Have to see they won't give away there boats Etc> with no guarantee your won't just take them and not pay for them>Besides you have to have an established business> Call them and ask>

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