Do u love MUSIC ?

I think music is that 1 thing.. which almost everyy person loves.. ppl may have diffrent tastes.. but all love music... its just awesome !!

is there anyone who doesn't love music ?? why ??

and for the majority who loves music.. can u tell us why in a beautiful manner ?

write this answer with ur heart plss.. its more of a feeling oriented Q than mental thinking one.. :)

thnx for answering and starring :)

keep listening to music and keep smiling :)

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    Dear Madhavi,

    To be honest, Music is my life partner. It is my greatest companion. It is happy when I am happy, it is sad when I am sad, it gives me all kinds of moods.

    Let us understand the spirituality behind Music.

    Music is art form & is one of the fine arts. Hence we need to first understand art. Art is also called Kala. This word in Sanskrit has two syllable or beejaksharas (KA + LA).

    Ka : Mind : Chief of the Anda Karnas

    La : That which dissolves.

    Kala is the one which dissolves the mind. When your mind dissolves, then it is allowing the Jeevathma to merge with the Paramathma.

    How art is a form of spirituality, let me explain :

    Mano layam

    Art is also Self Manifestation of the Artist. When an artiest exhibits more of his self, he becomes a true artiest. The scale of measuring an artist is to “how much self is manifested by him in to his art”.

    In pursuit to create more and more artistic works an artist try’s to learn more and more of him self. Knowingly or unknowingly he is in search of the god in himself. This approaches him to salvation. Hence it is also called a yogam.

    A fan or the connoisseur is in a great admirer of an Artist. He amuses and collects more and more of the creation of his favorite artist. By admiring the creations of an artist, he knowingly or unknowingly is in search of the Artist himself. That is actually, he is in search of the sole of the artist. This is in turn, in search of himself. Searching one own self, leads to the search of god who resides in you. Through the art both the artiest and the connoisseur [fan] both go in search of themselves and in turn they search for the almighty that leads to the salvation.

    The difference between Production / Creation

    Creation happens when one goes deep within himself. That is why, when a person performs his creation, he forgets himself and the world.

    Production is simply made. In most of the times, it is copied from one of the creation.

    Art needs medium:

    • Through Body : Nruthya / Naatya Kala : Art of Dancing

    • Through Words : Sahithya Kala : Art of Literature

    • Through pictures : Chithra Kala : Art of Painting

    • Through Hand : Shilpa Kala : Art of Sculpture

    • Through Swara : Sangeetha Kala : Art of Music - Also called as Naadam

    Sangeetha Kala is also called as Naada Yogam (one of the 10 ways to reach salvation).

    Nada Yogam

    Naadam is one of the innumerable manifestations of the Parabrahmah himself. Manifestation of Brahmah in the form of Naadam is Naada Brahamam. Since Naadam is not mere music, but it is the almighty himself it is also a yogam. That is why we call it "Naadamaay Irukkindra Brahmah" "Brahmah in the form of Naadam", so Naada Brahmah. Hence we are going study the Naada Yogam as a part of Spiritual Discourse. Since Naadam also helps in merging Jevaathma with Paramathma it is one of the 10 fold path of Yogams.

    Sun Light -- Disperse to ----- > Seven Colors

    All the seven colors are always present latent in the Sun light. The same way there are seven swaras present in Naadam in the latent form.

    Naadam -- Disperse to ----- > Seven Swaras

    • i.e., Saptha Swaras, Saptha Sur’s, Saptha Swarangal,

    In western classic: Selfeggia or 7 Notes

    • Saptha in Sanskrit is nothing but Seven

    The strange thing is that these 7 swaras (7 notes) are placed within the animals / birds. We heard it from them and learnt music.

    SapthaSwaras Beej Animal Animal

    1 Sa Shadjam Ohm Peoock Mayil

    2 Ri Rishabam Am Ox Rishabam

    3 Ga Gandharam Saam Sheep, Goat Ajam / ajaha

    4 Ma Madhyamam Maam Crane

    Krouncha bird

    5 Pa Panchamam Im Cuckoo, Nightingale Which sings in the Sprints Vasantha Kaalathil / padum Kogilam

    6 Da Dhaivatham Gloum Horse Ashwam

    7 Ni Nishadam Hraam Eliphant Gajam

    Each Swara has its own star and its own features and properties. Even many great Karnatic singers may not be aware of this information. They are mere singers. Hence they are not artists.


    Now that we know that Music is a way to reach god, you know why everyone loves music. It connects us to god himself.

    Source(s): Please do read my write up on music from my personal website.
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    I love Carnatic Music. I am an Indian and therefore I love everything about my culture. Paramahansa Yogananda says about Indian music "In Indian music there are many distinctions between tones and semitones which cannot be found in Western music", our music is classified properly and ragas etc are present for every mood and occasion.

    The greatness of Indian music(sufi included) is that Indian people have discovered that Sound is a vibration and that vibrations can affect mind and body. Therefore they created vibrations which are good for mind, body.

    Indians who like Western Music are just carried away by hype, and have their mind fixed that whatever English is cool. Sorry for being most direct, but these are my thoughts.

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    1 decade ago is everything for me...cant describe in words...Its my (what we call in hindi) "Sanjivani" for me....not a single day of mine is complete without music....i will say....a single moment....even when i'm writing the exam/ some corner of my mind music is always going on and on...I cant live without Music...Its a wonderful thing that can easily make two enemies into greatest friends(but,some musicians also make such music that friends become enemies! lol !!)....Its always said that eye contact and a smile can easily start a conversation between people...but,thats only a mere "conversation"...if people want to "feel" the emotion...the love and devotion....without words...their music speaks easily:) (Thats why most of girls get impressed when a guy dedicates a song to her!)

    Nice Question:)

    Source(s): Have A Great Day:)
  • -----> Yes, I love music


    ----> Music is just something important in my life. It's always there, through the good times and bad, for every occasion. The beats and the power of music is so intriguing. Sad music, happy music, slow music, fast music- it's all a part of life :)

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    I love Music, because, is just like love, a medicine to one's heart. to me your heart is music, and music, is your heart, since they both beats, to the same sounds, Music, keep me in touch with reality, and it is an explosive expression of humanity, we all are touch ed by it, no matter what culture, we' you are from every one loves Music, , Music is very wholesome, all of the history of people from all over the wold are found in the songs and beat of music, i could never live whith out this feelings of not wanting to sing, and dance, , i think that if you can talk, you can sing, and if you can walk, you can dance, this is a true saying, Music lift up my spirit, and it nourish, my mind and body, when ia'm feeling blue, or sad , or sick, or even -happy. .... peace.

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    yes i love music

  • 1 decade ago

    MUSIC is your TRUE FRIEND.....

    When you are hurt ..... it soothes you.

    When you are depressed ... it helps you out of it

    When you are in love's the fuel for the candle that burns in your heart

    When you are happy .... it is the expression of your feelings

    When you are missing your beloved .... it helps you remember

    Music has many faces and influences your life in the same manner as a good friend will do

    So ....... LET THE MUSIC PLAY

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    Yes, I do love music! :)

    I love it because it helps you express yourself when you might not be able to do it on your own. It can also make you feel better when you're down and many other things...and I love the lyrical content of a lot of songs.

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    I love music a lot coz it brings mind relaxation, happiness, emotions.

    The world will be boring without music. Music is there throughout our life, then how can we miss them?

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    Music is my life!

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    5 years ago

    e placed within the animals / birds. We heard it from them and learnt music.

    SapthaSwaras Beej Animal Animal

    1 Sa Shadjam Ohm Peoock Mayil

    2 Ri Rishabam Am Ox Rishabam

    3 Ga Gandharam Saam Sheep, Goat Ajam / ajaha

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