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questions about Holocaust?

How many Jews were murdered during the Holocaust?

How many non-Jewish civilians were murdered during World War II?

How did the Germans define who was Jewish?

When speaking about the "Holocaust," what time period are we referring to?

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    How many Jews were murdered during the Holocaust?

    Considerably less than people say for the most part. Most Jewish deaths were from the following reasons: Disease in Camps(typhoid, ect), military losses, Soviets killed many, many of them emigrated. Some of what are considered

    "holocaust victims" are people who simply emigrated before the war and due to bad record keeping in 1930 were not found. Most of the numbers are purely guesses since the records from 30-39 were nonexistent or incomplete on Jewish population. Popular belief by scholars is 4-5 million, that is accepting that 3 million were gassed. However, since there is no proof of that really ever happening, I'm going to say the number is between 1-2 million. Most of those are simply casualties of war and disease, and not actually murder.

    How many non-Jewish died during WW2.

    Many people of all nationalities and religions died in the war, the number cannot be pinpointed due to bad record keeping in those times. Needless to say however, that many times more Jewish people died than Jewish ones. Interesting fact, more Germans were murdered after the war than all Jewish deaths during the war.

    How did Germans define who was Jewish?

    On November 14, 1935, the Nazis issued the following definition of a Jew: Anyone with three Jewish grandparents; someone with two Jewish grandparents who belonged to the Jewish community on September 15, 1935, or joined thereafter; was married to a Jew or Jewess on September 15, 1935, or married one thereafter; was the offspring of a marriage or extramarital liaison with a Jew on or after September 15, 1935.

    They used records, and when in doubt, they improvised. Have you ever met someone and thought "they are Jewish, German, Asian, Irish" Some features are more prominent in certain racial backgrounds than others. Remember, the neighbors also knew who were Jewish in their neighborhood.

    What time period is the Holocaust?

    Holocaust is generally thought of as the time during WW2 that deals with the Jews being murdered. Generally 1941-1945.

    A few things to keep in mind when considering the Holocaust.

    *Over 50 years, where have the bodies of 6 million Jews gone? 6 million dead bodies, poof into nothingness. We see a few mass graves holding maybe a few thousand bodies. We are talking 1.5 million Jews a year vanishing into thin air.

    *The gas thought to have been used to kill the Jews was Zyklon B, or Hydrogen Cyanide. This is the same gas used for delousing chambers. It turns concrete blue. As shown by the delousing chambers for clothing(These are small closet sized chambers for clothing to be fumigated) They are all blue inside. The supposed gas chambers for people are not blue, why is this?

    *The 'gas chambers' were crudely built, and inefficient in design for gassing people. Are we to believe that Germany, the pinnacle of engineering and design would build something this sloppy, when even their clothing delousing chambers at the same camps are designed to maximize efficiency?

    *The Jewish population only decreased by 500k per Jewish records, however, since the records are unreliable, its probably not right. However I cant imagine them being 6 million off. Some of the records actually show an increase.

    *Germany was methodical in all things, record keeping doubly so. Where are the records or orders of these gassings? Where are the tally sheets. The detailed plans?

    50 years since this happened. We were never given any proof as a people, just numbers, which have escalated consistently since the end of the war. It started out much less than 6 million. I can only say that I am highly skeptical that things are as stated.

    Source(s): You can look up any of the things I said with a simple google search. I think if you look at this rationally, you will see that the 6 million number is taken out of thin air, and supported by feelings, more than proof.
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    Nobody knows how many Jews were killed but by law in Europe you can't question the figure of 6 million, anyone that publishes any claim lower is a holocaust denier, and breaches racism laws, which is why the only conferences to discuss the evidence are held in the Middle East, but being held by openly anti-Semitic states they have little reliability. Nobody counted the bodies, as there wasn't much evidence at the end of the war. Nobody will ever know exactly.

    Again the Nazis would have exterminated Communists, Homosexuals, Gypsies, and other groups that conflicted or endangered Nazi ideology, the number will never be known.

    Jews were defined not only by religion but by race, anyone with Jewish ancestry or accused (sometimes unfairly) of links to the Jewish race would have been labeled Jewish. Often physical characteristics would be enough, being very different from the idealised Germanic form.

    30/01/1939 -

    Hitler speaks of the forth coming Holocaust

    12/12/1941 -

    The final solution is discussed at the Nazi Party Meeting

    01/11/1941 -

    The first labour camp is opened at Balzac

    from this point on you could say the holocaust began, up until liberation of the camps by the allies in the last days of the war.

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    6,000,000 Jews were murdered during the Holocaust

    4,000,000 non-Jewish civilians were murdered during World War ii by the Germans, The Russians murdered many more in the post war period. i.e. 50,000,000

    The Germans defined as Jewish anyone with one Jewish Grandparent.

    The holocaust commenced at the wanness conference and ended in 1945 with the defeat if the third Reich

    Source(s): encyclopedia brittanica
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