Cat has strange black things on his anus. Could they be worms or ticks?

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Let me emphasize that I don't stare at his rear end obsessively, but he has a habit of pointing the thing right at my face when I'm lying down and I can't help noticing. more
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If your cat had worms, you would know. You wanna know how precisely? Because ACTUAL white, thick slimy worms would be weaving in and out of his ******. Literally. Sorry to be so graphic, but it's definitely not worms if that event is not apparent. It sounds like you should just take her/him to the vet if you're that concerned to find out for sure. Sorry I couldn't help you diagnose your pet down to the tee, but I would say don't be worried because it doesn't sound like worms to me.

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I think that what I'm looking at is the output of the scent glands because on closer inspection, the spots form a more or less symmetrical pattern. This is unlikely if it weren't an anatomical feature.

Thank you for the help but I still wish he'd point that thing somewhere else.
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  • Crystal A answered 6 years ago
    It could be scabs from worms that are in the intestinal tract. Look at his poo yucky I know :-( but if you see blood on the outside than its some kind of worm since there are several different kinds. Give a quick call to the vet and they can tell you how to proceed. Good Luck!
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  • GET REAL answered 6 years ago
    Well ticks do get there and that is one of the few places on a cat that a tick will get. Ticks generally do not like burrowing into a furry area of a cat. If they do get on them they will usually stay on top of the fur and stand with their front legs out "casting" for a more suitable host. Occasionally a tick will get on the ear or the area above the cats eyes where the fur is thinner.

    It may not be pleasant but you really need to clean the area with dampened tissue or baby wipes. His most likely will not enjoy it either.

    I've never seen a dark worm exiting from the rear. They will have tape worm segments exiting from time to time. These are about the length of a grain of white rice but thinner.
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  • mala108 answered 6 years ago
    Could be plugged anal glands. A rather serious condition.
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  • xolovexxmee answered 6 years ago
    If he has diarrhea or bloody stool you should get him the vet ASAP. Otherwise it just may be that he hasnt fully cleaned himself!

    Good luck
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  • Minx answered 6 years ago
    Probably just bits of poo (yuk)... or could be stick fast fleas depending on where you are in the world ?? If you think there is a chance its worms then get a worming tablet from your vet (which you should do every three months anyway) :)
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