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Did you know that Bill Clinton refused release his financial records, which means Hillary is out as VP?


This was announced on Verdict with Dan Abrahams on MSNBC. It was confirmed by both Hillary Clinton and Obama's staff.

President Clinton did not release his financial records, he only released his tax statements. Jim Johnson has to Vet both Bill and Hillary before she can be a candidate, but Bill refused to release his records and that is deal killer based on what happened to Geraldine Ferraro's Husband in 1984.

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    Yes the subject was discussed on several media outlets. Apparently Hillary isn't vetted as we were to believe. Since the Clinton's refuse to release how Former President Bill Clinton's: Presidential Library is financed. Some say the Chinese and Arabs are the biggest contributors.

  • piner
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    3 years ago

    quite Hillary Clinton might desire to % bill Clinton as her working mate. The twenty 2d replace does not restrict somebody from being elected Vice-President, despite if that individual had two times been elected President. If bill became President because of the fact of Hillary's dying, he might have succeeded to the Presidency, he does no longer have been elected, and succeeding to the Presidency isn't prohibited by utilising the twenty 2d replace. One concern bill and Hillary might face is that in the event that they have been the two citizens of an identical state, an elector in that state might desire to basically vote for one in all them, pursuant to the twelfth replace. With ny's great quantity of electoral votes (I observed someplace it replaced into 31), they may be working a danger in the event that they have been the two ny citizens on the time of the election.

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    Obamorons--Did you know that Barrack Hussein Obama has yet to release a "Hawaii" birth certificate and make this information public. Considering he is running for the most important position in the free world, and it is illegal to be elected president of the US if you were born in a foreign country, don't you think the public has a right to know where the golden boy is really from and what his real name is???

    He already has dual citizenship and loyalty to Kenya, so who knows, maybe he was actually born in a Muslim, terrorist-run country like Indonesia? Maybe his real name is even worse than Barrack HUSSEIN Obama. I'm just saying, don't you want to know the facts before you blindly endorse some candidate?

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    1 decade ago

    your wrong about the releasing of financial records.

    Bill and Hillary Clinton filed a joint return.

    Hillary released their tax returns some months ago.

    I don't think that Hillary wants to be V P.

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    He did release them. They both made $109 Million in the past 8 years. That's the only income we know about. Maybe they had more under the table, who knows.

    How does that mean Hitlery is out even if it were true? I don't get it, but I do support Obama.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    She wasn't going to get the offer anyway. But Bill is just one of many reasons why Hillary can't legitimately take a backseat position.

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    Bill already released all his records. Him and Hillary file together so when she released hers, his were there.

    And how does this affect VP? McCain's wife isn't releasing her records and he's got the nomination.

    Do a little research next time.

  • Where did you read that? they released them they made 109 million. they also paid 33 million in taxes, that is what I read in an article?

    I was wrong he refused to release the foundation records!

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    I see....

    You do realize that if Oslama doesn't make Hilary his VP

    obama has no chance to win the election...

    at least with Hilary, he has a leverage with McCain that will probably prove significant.....without her, Obama is like a piece of bread with no condiments to make it taste better.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    I suppose that if she would have been the winner instead of Obama she could not run for President either?

    this is a lot of nonsense...but believe what you want

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