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Everyone is answering back wrong or not even answering this question Glendale, CA is not a incorporated city?

Everyone is answering back wrong or not even answering this question Glendale, CA is not a incorporated city?


NOW whats the difference between a CHARTERED CITY & a incorporated city?

The advantages of a CHARTERED CITY are.....?

The disadvantages of a CHARTERED CITY are.....????

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    California has lots of charter cities. 112 of California's 478 cities are chartered. Basically the difference is a chartered city will make it's own charter whereas an incorporated city gets its charter from the state.

    In a charter city, the city can pick any kind of government they want. They can have a city mangaer or a council or whatever. In an incorporated city, the state sets the guidelines and mandates elected officials.

    As for advantages of the charter city, they have more leeway to do as they want. On the down side, you could get some crazy ideas in there if the wrong guy got in charge. There would be more stability in an incorporated system. So not many states allow for charter cities.

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    I see that Richard has given you the correct answer elsewhere, but here it is from me:

    I understand your question, but you are a bit off (which is why previous answers did not address your issue). ALL cities are incorporated as cities (they are legally known as municipal corporations). That is why everybody told you Glendale is incorporated: it is.

    However, a city may ALSO enact a charter. (See Cal. Const., art. XI, sec. 3.) A city without a charter is not an unincorporated city, it is a general law city. The distinction thus is not between incorporated cities and (unincorporated) charter cities, it is between (incorporated) general law cities, and (incorporated) charter cities. (See Gov. C secs. 34101, 34102.) So Glendale is incorporated as a city, and that city has enacted a charter, so it is a charter city, not a general law city.

    The major difference between the two is that the means of governing a general law city are defined by the Legislature and specified in the Government Code, while the means of governing a charter city are set out in the Charter, and as to municipal affairs that charter is State law and generally prevails over acts of the Legislature.

    I believe that the main advantage to a charter is that it gives the city more flexibility in establishing its governing structure, while the main advantage to a general law city is that the governing body does not have to worry about such things. However, I have not researched this issue extensively, and now that you know the right question you may be able to do so yourself more successfully.

    (BTW, if some teacher has given you an assignment to discuss the difference between an incorporated city and a charter city, you may have to begin your discussion by teaching the teacher.)

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    I am not from California but the principles of municipal law are fairly consistent across the United States. What you need to know first is that cities are creatures of the state. That means they exist by the authority of the state they are located. All states have a section of their state law which address the rights and responsibilities of municipalities. In the case of California state law established two main classes of municipalities under state law. General and Chartered. Each of these has different rights and responsibilities under California law. Chartered have much greater freedoms under state law while municipalities operating under the general provisions of the state statute are governed by the exact language of the State laws governed municipalities. In many states the Chartered communities are called Home Rule. That is they have a great deal of latitude in how they manage their affairs.

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