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Everyone is answering back wrong or not even answering this question Glendale, CA is not a incorporated city?

Everyone is answering back wrong or not even answering this question Glendale, CA is not a incorporated city?


NOW whats the difference between a CHARTERED CITY & a incorporated city?

The advantages of a CHARTERED CITY are.....?

The disadvantages of a CHARTERED CITY are.....????

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    You are mistaken.

    Glendale is, indeed, incorporated.

    "Incorporated" means "made into a body". When an area becomes a city - whether Chartered OR General Law - the process is called Incorporation. An *unincorporated city* is not, technically speaking, a City at all - it is simply a "neighborhood", and is governed directly by the county government, not by it's own.

    When a city incorporates, it incorporates in one of two ways. It either does so as a General Law city, which means that the government of the city is as established by CA State law, OR it does so as a Chartered city, which means that the Charter is the "Constitution" of the city, and can set up any government arrangement it wants.

    Glendale was first incorporated in 1906 as a General Law city, then adopted a Charter much later.

    (Here... is the actual city charter - you'll see that, throughout, it refers to Glendale as a "Municipal Corporation")


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    A charter city is a city in which the governing system is defined by the city's own charter document rather than by state, provincial, regional or national laws. In locations where city charters are allowed by law, a city can adopt or modify its organizing charter by a majority vote of its residents. A charter gives a city's residents the flexibility to choose any kind of government structure allowed by law.

    For example, in California, cities which have not adopted a charter are organized by state law. Such a city is called a General Law City, which will be managed by a 5-member city council. A city organized under a charter may choose different systems, including the "strong mayor" or "city manager" forms of government.

    A charter city may have some exemptions from some state or provincial laws, which varies entirely from region to region.

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