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I lived and worked in the Far East for thirteen years. In my view, the Japanese are doing exactly what

we’ve asked them to do—selling us high-quality goods at reasonable prices. The Japanese succeed because

they work hard. They are well educated. They are committed to quality. And their government does not burden

the productive economy with unreasonable regulations and misguided tax policies. I’m sure it is tempting to

bash Japan in an election year, but America is starting to behave like the crybaby of the Western world. Not to

be outdone. Some Japanese politicians decided to retaliate. American workers are lazy and unproductive, they

said. Such comments are totally unrealistic. American workers—at least those I know in the petroleum

industry—are as good as any workers in the world. Remember, it was Americans who put out the hundreds of

oil-well fires in war-torn Kuwait. And we did it more quickly and efficiently than anyone dreamed possible.

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    我在遠東地區居住並工作了13年,日本人會精確的執行我對他們的要求--銷售物美價廉的貨品.日本人因為努力工作,受良好的教育並對高品質的要求而獲得成功,而且他們的政府不會用不合理的立法及錯誤的政策來增加生產者的負擔.在美國選舉年,美方總是會用不合理的手段來打擊日本,以免被其超越,某些日本政治人物反譏,他們說美國工人又懶又沒生產力. 但這種評論絶非事實,最起碼美國石油業的工人不輸給世界上其他地區的工人,他們熄滅了科威特境內,數以百計戰爭中陷於火海的油井.我們在此事上的速度及效率超出大多數人所能想像.

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    我住和工作了在遠東十三年。在我的意圖, 日本人確切地做□什麼我們請求他們對做賣我們優質物品以合理的價格。日本人成功因為他們艱苦服務。他們是良好教育的。他們做對質量。並且他們的政府不負擔有生產力的經濟不合情理的章程和引入歧途的稅收政策。我是肯定的它誘惑打擊日本在一競選年, 但美國開始表現像西部世界的愛哭的人。不被勝過。一些日本政客決定報復。美國工作者是懶惰的並且非生產性, 他們說。這樣評論是完全不切實際的。美國人工作者在最少那些我知道在石油產業是像所有工作者一樣在世界上。記住, 它是投入上百oil-well 火在兵連禍結的科威特的美國人。並且我們迅速和高效率地做了它比任何人作夢的可能。


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