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Anonymous asked in 社會與文化語言 · 1 decade ago

翻譯---鐵達尼號 翻成中文 (急) 手翻的ㄆ要電腦


In 1912, Titanic, the largest passenger ship ever built, sailed out from

London to New York. Carrying thousands of passengers, the gigantic

Ocean liner made her maiden voyage.

In the movie, Jack, a young American painter, met a pretty lady, Rose,

on the deck. Disappointed with fate, Rose was trying to kill herself by

jumping into the sea. Jack saved her life and a touching love story began.

Finally, they decided to build up a family. However, ill fate fell upon them.

Riding too fast, Titanic started to sink after hitting an iceberg. There were

no enough lifeboats to save everyone. Many were killed, including Jack.

Before he sank into the ocean, Jack told Rose to live a new life bravely and

He gave all his love to her. The sad ending moved me to tears.

Even now, as I recall, the beautiful legend about Titanic would flash

into my mind. (150 words)

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    1912 年,鐵達尼號,號稱史上最大的輪船終於誕生了,它將從倫英國敦開往至美國紐約。在浩瀚無比的海上,它將載著數千名旅客開使它的處女之航。




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