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我非常期待Tropic Thunder這部電影..這要如何寫

你和Ben &Jack在MTV中的影片非常的好笑.另外我非常期待Tropic Thunder這部電影但台灣要到10/13電影才會上映.不知道為何比較晚上映.一般台灣這都是同時間或只慢個1.2個星期.但我會耐心等待的

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    你和Ben &Jack在MTV中的影片非常的好笑.

    Ben, Jack and you are really funny in the MTV

    另外我非常期待Tropic Thunder這部電影但台灣要到10/13電影才會上映.

    I am anticipating the movie “Tropic Thunder” but it will only screen in Taiwan on 10/13.


    I am not sure why it will be screen at a later date as it usually it will be screen at the same time or just delay by 1.2 weeks.


    But I will wait patiently

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