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他的名子不是 Jostin Chamberlain 嗎?

翻譯成中文應該是 喬士丁.張伯倫 對吧?


Joba Chamberlain 呢?

翻譯成中文是 喬巴.張伯倫 怎麼會這樣?



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    Joba名字 來源是他的叔叔領養一個女孩子,但她一直把無法正確叫出Joba姪子Joshua(約蘇亞)的名字總是叫成"Jahba", 張伯倫喜歡這個發音,所以正式將名字改成Joba ,他在上個月接受"answer man"訪問時有提到.參考

    Q: For the 4,000th and final time, where did "Joba" come from?

    JC: My uncle had just adopted a little girl and she couldn't say my cousin's name — which was Joshua — and said something like "Jahba" which I liked.

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    那MLB的張伯倫應該去打籃球才對 XD

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    很多人都喜歡翻譯成>>> 賈霸張伯倫


  • Full Name: Justin Louis Chamberlain

    Born: 09/23/1985

    Birthplace: Lincoln, NE

    Height: 6'2" Weight: 230

    Bats: Right

    Throws: Right

    College: Nebraska

    MLB Debut: 08/07/2007

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    The name Joba came from a young relative on the Winnebago Indian Reservation in northeastern Nebraska who couldn't say Justin. It stuck, and Joba is currently in the process of making it his legal name. "People pronounce it wrong all the time," he says with a shrug. "They still say 'Joe-ba.' " Not his teammates and their followers, to whom Joba represents perhaps the last chance for the desperate Yankees in the postseason.

    Joba's real name according to Rod: "Justin Lewis Chamberlain." Apparently the name "Joba" came from a "young relative who couldn't pronounce Justin."

    Joba is a name given to him by his niece. Who couldn't pronounce "Justin". He had it legally changed

    Full Name: Justin Louis Chamberlain

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    "He knew my name, and he knew how to pronounce it," Chamberlain says. "People still pronounce it wrong all the time."

    It's JAH-buh, rhymes with java, or, for you Star Wars fans, Jabba the Hutt.

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    His real first name is Justin, but nobody has used that for years and he's in the process of legally changing it to Joba. How he got the name is a tangled tale of a young relative's mispronunciation. But it stuck, and it was up to his dad to figure out the spelling.

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