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How can you make a homemade anti-flea dog shampoo?

homemade anti flea dog shampoo for our dog....PLS. HELP US!

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    Any shampoo will kill fleas if lefton long enough. It dissolves the fleas exoskeleton, killing it. Leave it on for at least 5 minutes. Also, you can add some juice from the peel of an orange to the shampoo to help kill the fleas faster.

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    Homemade Dog Shampoo For Fleas

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    Homemade Flea Shampoo

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    Actually, any shampoo will kill fleas......they'll drown. But any flea shampoo won't keep other fleas from jumping on your dog when the bath is finished. What you need is something that can work for extended periods of time...something with a residual effect. For example...there are dips, medicines you can apply directly to the skin, on the neck..ect. A flea only spends it's time on a dog just long enough to eat, then it jumps off. To in order to control the fleas at your house, you'll need to treat the I described above, the house and your yard. Only then will you have a handle on the fleas. Fleas breed very rapidly (an adult female has the potential to lay over 250,000 eggs in a month), so you may have to chance your insecticides or medicines for your dog on a regular basis. That way the fleas don't become resistant to the same medicines. Best of luck to you.

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    Get some Neem oil. Add 2 tablespoons into 17 ounces of your regular dog shampoo. It will repel the fleas. Or just go to Petsmart and get some De Flea shampoo. it will kill the fleas on contact. is the website for the De Flea products.

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    Pour canola oil on her. If she has fleas it will kill them as well as put a protective coating on her skin to moistureize it. I do this for my dog twice a week because she has BAD dry skin and scratches until she bleeds. This helps her so much...I mean, I practically bathe her in the oil (not on her head, though, don't want it in her eyes). Make sure not to wash it down the drain as it can clogg your pipes. Benadryl won't help her stop itching--it'll just make her REALLY tired. I went on vacation with my dog once and she was itching herself to death, so I gave her a bit of benadryl and she whined because she was too tired to scratch but wanted to scratch so bad. I have also tried the hot spot stuff (it's blue, right?) but no luck with that, either. My dog would just rub it off or lick it off. Try the oil. Seriously. Even if you just try a BIT on her worst places you might see a decrease in scratching. I found this out one day after reading about it, but doubting that it would work...But my dog got on my nerves from her scratching so I grabbed the jug of oil and just poured it on her and then put her in an infant onsie and wrapped her in a towel for a half hour. NO more sctaching for almost 3 days straight and the fleas that were on her all died. Good luck and sorry your dog has these problems!

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    Eucalyptus, Garlic, there are a number of herbs that are suppose to keep fleas off dogs. Try an herbal remedy book. Check out what the library has.

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    Add tea tree oil to shampoo and let it sit... why homemade?

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    Hey the best thing in the world that is safe for you and your pet is go and get you some listerene mouth wash put in a spray bottle and spray pet to spray in doghouse too...(safe for carpet but test in safe area before spraying completly on carpet) there should be NO problem...kills misquitoes and other for you and me!!!

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