what does the personality term, "shallow" mean?

what does the personality term, "shallow" mean

someone said i was shallow, but im not to sure what it means.

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    It means the views of how their physical appearance is more important to you than their personality. shallow meaning, you dont go deep, as in deep to your soul when dating. you just see physical.

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    Shallow means not very deep.

    Used metaphorically it is a derogative term used to describe people who are perceived to be superficial or without "depth".

    There is no standard definition of what constitutes "depth" in this sense, but usually an individual is considered deep if they seem to be philosophical. By contrast, somebody who appears superficial, materialistic, or petty is likely to be denounced as shallow. A person lacking an interest in knowledge or intellectual pursuits may also be regarded as shallow

    Behaviors that are considered shallow

    To be shallow typically involves embracing stereotyped social roles, especially gender roles, placing excessive value on appearance, judging themselves and others entirely by their looks, or giving the impression of vanity and arrogance. Their emotional affect display tends to be superficial and shift rather quickly, suggesting that they are either exaggerating their reactions, or that their emotional state is outright falsified.


    not thinking or feeling deeply: having or displaying little intellectual or emotional complexity or value


    Concerned mainly with superficial matters.

    It was a glamorous but shallow lifestyle

    Lacking interest or substance.

    The acting is good, but the characters are shallow


    • Jon R4 years agoReport

      It means not giving a stuff about how anyone else feels as a result of your actions, so long as you're happy. Also known as being spoiled, or selfish.
      Jon Reade.

  • 1 decade ago

    Watch this movie: Shallow Hal


    Jack Black's character = Shallow

  • Nymph
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    1 decade ago

    "Shallow" basically means that you judge people on their appearance rather than their personality and feelings. Example:

    Bob: "I'm only friends with her because she's hot."

    John: "You're so shallow."

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  • 1 decade ago

    It means you don't have much "depth." Deep, being the opposite of the word shallow. They probably think you don't do a lot of thinking outside of the box.

    I would ignore them, and choose to think for yourself, and, always, question authority.

  • 1 decade ago

    It means you are selfish and you never take time to understand people. Just as in the movie Shallow Hal, the guy was only interested in beautiful woman but was not the least bit interested in how beautiful their personality was. It means you are only out for your interest and take no one else's interest, opinions, or feelings into consideration

    • Angel5 years agoReport

      I date a guy that perfect fit this term. It is sad that he is that shallow. he would not acknowledge his wrongs but mine.

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    It means that you concern yourself with the surface of things, superficial things: looks, dress, style, being "cool" (whatever that may mean), and don't concern yourself with things that require thought: solutions to the human condition, individuality, reasons for people's behavior, the real person behind that hairstyle. It typically is not a compliment to be called shallow.

    • Jon R4 years agoReport

      No typical about it. If you're called shallow, you need to re-align your ideas, especially when you're under pressure. No one wants to be with someone shallow long term, unless of course they're also a narcissist.

  • Anonymous
    5 years ago

    Shallow means a person who views potential romantic partners, friends, or acquaintances mainly according to physical appearance, wealth, popularity, and other worldly factors outside of personality. You should always test to see who is shallow and stay away from them, or at least not be loyal to them if you have to interact with them in class, work, or an organization. People like this will betray you the moment you don't have anything left for them to benefit from. They only love, want to befriend, or want to interact with you because you have something they want. They don't necessarily like you as a person. This is my definition of shallow. Stay away from people who are like this!

    As a way to test their shallowness, you can lie to them that you're poor, have no friends, don't drive, or put something on your face to make it look like acne zits/scars or moles. Then if they value you less as a human being because of this, give you dirty looks, shy away from interacting with you, or refuse to romantically like you because of these reasons - given you have a lot of attractive strengths to offer - never talk to them again. If you have to, never share anything with or make sacrifices for them. Never be loyal to them. Period. Why would you want to associate with people like that?

  • 6 years ago

    Thin, no depth. Good analogy would be a frozen pond....how far down does the ice go? Is it only on the surface? You can't skate on it if it's not frozen way down. You can't count on the ice to hold you.

    A shallow person is like thin ice on a pond. You can't count on the good stuff to last under pressure.

    • Jon R4 years agoReport

      PS: The ice WILL break. But it's too late to run when you hear it crack...

  • 4 years ago

    I would agree with most of the definitions of "shallow". To be concerned only with the Surface, a form of narcissism, lacking depth of feeling and understanding and empathy for people, personality, culture. Concerned only what gives pleasure to the individual, unconcerned history or social consequences.

    One of the most disarming moments of shallowness happened at a dinner party where I met a female sculptor who had recently completely a bronze statue of Afro-American Jazz legend Oscar Peterson. a Jazz lover and Enthusiastic to start a conversation, I inquired whether artist listened to Jazz, was familiar with her subject's work or bit of biography...all questions received a negative response. The artist, who got this fantastic opportunity, "gig", couldn't be bothered to research her subject's history and musical legacy and didn't seem in least disturbed by it...Now that's shallow and superficial. I was promptly alienated myself.

    • Worr03254 years agoReport

      I forgot to add...Shallow people, are generally those who don't READ-----anything; or cannot see outside their own personal or social experience.

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