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Can my cousin get her septum pierced?

She's 16 and wants her septum pierced but her parents definitely won't sign for it. What if her friend's sister [32] signs? would that work? or is there a way she can do it w/o her friend's sister [in case she won't do it]


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    You need a parent or guardian.

    I dont think the friend would work at all.

    I tried to get around the system a couple years ago and it didnt work.

    She can wait 2 years and not need permission at all.

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    First of all, she shouldn't have someone other than her parents sign for it. That would just get her into more trouble, both with her parents and possibly with the law. I think she'd be better off waiting till she's 18. If she waits two years and has decided by then that it's not important to her anymore, she'll be better off not having done it. If she still wants to do it by that point, then at least she'll know it's what she really wants to do. Believe me--things that seem majorly important at one time can seem pointless and unimportant a couple years later. She's better off waiting.

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    Yes, the piercing people will most definately believe that. But if she gets caught, they will both get in alot of trouble , and possibly kicked out of the piercing shop. A 32 year old would do that ? thats a little immature dont you think?

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    No, of course it wouldn't work.

    You need a parent or guardian present.

    When your cousin goes in to get the piercing, she has to be with a parent.

    The parent has to bring some form of ID and the minor has to either bring their birth certificate or some form of ID.

    There's no way to get around it.

    If you try this, you'd be breaking the law.

    You'd all suffer consequences if you got caught.

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    No. Why would a piercing shop care if a friend's sister gives permission? Your cousin is not her child, so she can't give consent.

    Waiting 2 years for a piercing never killed anyone.

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    16 is the legal age at which you can get a piercing without parental consent (in Australia anyway, im not sure about where you are from but you can ask at the local pierceing shop.) if not, she will need an adult with her, so im sure your friend's sister will be able to sign for her if she pretends to be her mum, and some shops simply require telephone permission, so you can just give them her number and she can tell them your cousin is her daughter. they are really easy to hide also, ive had mine for 7months and my parents are completely oblivious to its existance. i got it done as soon as i turned 16 and im absolutly in love with it :)

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    im almost positive you need a parent or guardian. unless you go somewhere that would just do it although you probably dont wanna do that since if they're allowing to bend the rules there may be a health risk..

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    Lol, I guess if you can get her to pretend thats her guardian or something. Lol im only 14 and i want a monroe piercing but my parents don't want me too im thinking of just aksing someone older to like pretend to be my guardian or somthoing lol i doont know :)

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    Besides the infection she will get, her parents will get pissed and if your friend's sister does help she could get in trouble.

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