what movie was the song "it's alright to cry" in?

what movie was this song in? it popped in my head for some reason the other day and it's driving me nuts!!!! i know i've heard it in a movie, possibly a TV show, but i can't place it. please help


not free to be you and me, i think it's something more recent

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    Free To Be You And Me- It's from the 1970's. Football player Rosey Grier sang the song.


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    They showed this to us endlessly in class when I was in elementary school back then. Boy did I love it!

    The TV special was created by Marlo Thomas, and had skits in it that were supposed to empower children to get in touch with their feelings, and become aware of differences and similarities between people of all different colors and races. Other stars involved included Michael Jackson, Diana Ross, and Mel Brooks. There's also a book containing all of the skits and music as well.

    Edit in response to your comment:

    According to IMDB.com, the song was also used in the 2006 movie Half Nelson with Ryan Gosling. I hope this helps.

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