how far is south carolina from oregon?

how far is south carolina from oregon!!

how many hours away is it from medford oregon to south carolina??

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    It's a little under 3000 miles from medford to columbia, sc. Since you didn't say where in SC I picked Columbia. Wherever in SC you are talking about won't be that much different.

    So, if you are driving it will take you about 50 hours of actual driving time, that doesn't include time out for sleep, eating, gas, etc.

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    According to google maps its 2,794 miles from Medford to Spartanburg, SC. Spartanburg was a relatively random choice as it came up early in the google maps search. Total drive time is 41 hours, how many days you break that up over would probably come down to how many people you have driving the car. With a couple people driving you could probably do it in about 3 days, but spread over 5 or 6 days would be alot less painful. Either way I would suggest hitting the Black Sheep pub in Ashland for a meal before you head out.

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    Clear across country! Look it up on the map then divide the miles by your average speed to get an estimate. It took my sister 2 days to go from California to Indiana.

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    Very far! From Michigan it is 12 hours. I would say 36 hours. Guessing though.

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