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superhero faceoff?

which one of these superheros will win in the ultimate fight. hulk vs ghost rider vs ironman vs spiderman vs fantastic 4 vs captian america vs x mens vs war machine vs silver surfer vs superman vs green lantern vs batman. who would win if they all fought who wolud be the last standing.


i think hulk i have been a big fan of him and he is the strongest superhero. he can lift 100 tons run up 300 miles per hour jump 3 to 4 miles he can hela himself and i almost invinible. also he gets bigger and stronger all the time he gets angier

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    silver surfer.he has cosmic powers like the power to create items out of nothing.he could basically dissolve everyone else if he wanted to.

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    the hulk will win because of him stamina it is near endless, in one issue of a comic book he swam across the Pacific non stop in a week , although my favorite is batman i have the give it up to the hulk

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    I don't Know.

    Silver surfer or Ironman

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