How much weight do you think i can lose by the end of June????!?

i've been going to the gym and i have been eating only 1500 calories....i started on sunday june 1st so how much can i lose within this month...

At the gym i've been working out to cardio for an hour and 15 minutes..

And as for my diet i have been only eating 1500 calories of healthy food...

P.S...AM OBESE..I WEIGH..190 5'2!

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    ik your a girl, but weightlifting is the best form of getting in shape

    the more muscle you have, the more calories you burn when you are not even doing anything

    by the end of june, i would say that u could lose 10 or more pounds if you really tried hard

    good luck

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    Your doing really good! I am about your height (5'1) and about three months ago weighed about the same but I have lost 30 lbs. I know it is really hard work it's hard to want to exercise and I love food so dieting can be really hard for me too.

    In answer to your question you safely can lose 2 lbs per week is what a doctor would tell you but if you are as big as we are most times for the first week or two you will lose more than that. I would think you can lose maybe up to fifteen lbs in the first month but it is hard to predict.

    I few things that helped me to start losing weight. Fudge ice cream bars made by a company called skinny cow, or another company is called no pudge fuge bars. Both are really good (and I HATE diet food usually) I get them at the grocery store. The skinny cow ones are 50 calories per serving and it helps me to get past those times when I need something sweet.

    Also try strength training I know that side of the gym can intimidate some people but building muscle speeds up your metabolizm which helps you to lose weight quicker than just doing cardio.

    Take a look at this website it is compleatly free and it gives you a lot of good diet and exercise advise it helps you to set up healthy goals and lets you enter in the food you have eaten to count calories and enter in your exercise as well. Also they have a lot of online communities for support. I think it is great.

    One last thing that has helped me is not just to weigh my self but measure my self like around my belly, hips, chest. There are some weeks that I dont really lose any weight but I do drop inches. Muscle weighs more than fat so sometimes the number on the scale works against you but seeing that you have droped inches lets you know what your doing is still working.

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    liesxdies was not very nice. I'm not sure what the "grow" comment is all about. How ignorant. Don't worry, you can lose a bunch of weight if you cut back on calories and increase your activity. It really depends on your metabolism, so none of us can predict an exact number. I have been reading alot since I am desperate to lose weight quickly too. The things I have read agree that strength training is very important because if you build muscle you burn more calories all day. I have also been taking diet pills...don't know if that is an option for you, but it helps keep your metabolism burning high and gives your more energy for workouts-also can help suppress your appetite. Plus I have been buying cases of water and dragging around plenty of bottles with me, so I avoid soda and iced coffee. Good're not alone.

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    At such a high weight it is really easy for your body to shed fat it doesn't need. If you keep it up you could probably lose up to 20 - 25 pounds but only if you stay on track.

    Your diet plan sounds healthy but don't go under 1200 calories a day as this is a major stress on your body.

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  • 1 decade ago

    you dont. dont worry, and dont rush it.

    for big weight loss changes, ide say use my new fav diet:

    i call it the lifestyle change.

    here goes:

    1hr of any fun excersize each day

    always take the stairs instead

    no more junk foods or fried foods

    1 day a week is water day

    on water day consume nothing but water

    1 day a month (not water days) is cheat day

    but only if youve been good

    and the final rule isstick to it

    oh and for snacks

    use this great dried strawberry recipe:

    slice fresh large strawberrys into 1cm-2cm slices

    dehydrate them in a dehydrator untill ferm and storable

    place on a baking sheet, flat

    put in freezer until frozen

    transfer to bag for freezing untill use

    try serving over plain yogurt or something

    good luck and email me with how it goes!



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    WOw, 190 and 5'2! That's bad.

    You should work out more then just cardio, as muscle naturally burns more calories throughout the day.

    Sounds to me like you need to grow.

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    5-15 pounds

    just don't try to lose too much too fast

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    1 decade ago

    probably 20 lbs if you stick to it! Good luck.

    Answer mine help???

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