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Please dieters? Calories in, calories out question? Need help???

So when people say burn more calories than you consume, what do they mean? Is that just burning calories from exercise, or including your metabolism?

I burn about 700 calories a day between a 6 mile run at night, gym class, and walking to and from school. Does that mean I'm only aloud to eat 700 calories a day?

Please help anyone who knows what they are talking about because I really need this cleared up for me.

by the way, I eat bout 1500 calories a day, should I be burning that much from exercise???

I'm confused.


Just tell me if I have to burn as many calories as I eat from exercise ONLY?

Update 2:

I'm 112 lbs 5'4'' if that helps.

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    On average a person can burn 1000-2000 calories in a day by just doing what your suppose too. You burn calories when you work, go to school, clean at home, sit, read, breath, talk, etc. So this is BEFORE you even exercise!

    For example: I sleep for 8 hours, i go to work for 8-9 hours, i go to the gym after work for 1 hour and 45 mins, i come home and i sit, watch tv, type on the computer and before i know it i have burned around 2300 calories. And i do that A DAY!

    So basically "burn more calories then you consume" shouldn't exist in my opinion because we all do this a day pretty much. What slows it down is by eating poorly. You can take in 1500 calories, but if its all high fatty foods and high in sugar, your going to store some of the extra fat that is not burned. Now you cant gain any weight by eating 1500 calories a day and being busy like i am. No way. But even tho you burn calories even while sleeping, if you spend most of your time sitting you dont burn calories as fast as someone who is more active therefore some people can stay the same weight from eating 1500 calories if they are too under active to burn them. And if we eat 3500 calories we will gain the pound if we dont burn them.

    Working out and eating right help your muscles develop and muscles alone are what help people burn more then a person without as much muscle density, fat cant burn fat, but muscle can.

    So what i can say to you is don't worry, your burning the equal amount of calories off for your body to lose weight and/or stay the size you are now. If you add weight lifting to how you are eating and working out now you will be able to gain muscle and that will create a leaner look to you. So it doesn't really come down to weight when we think about it, it comes down to body fat % and your BMI. You want to be small in inches, not necessarily pounds.

    Dont worry i am sure you are on the right path to losing weight, just continue to do what you are doing, but dont try to get too thin. (and never eat under 1000 calories, to have a sufficient healthy diet eat more then 1000, to sustain muscle mass)

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    The average person burns calories through everything they do, your heart beating, your breathing, even blinking. So when you add that with the amount of calories you expend, let's say you average an outake of around 2000 calories. Therefore, 1,500 should be enough. However, I think that you probably let out more than 2,000 and should eat more calories-healthy ones. The average female teenager consumes around 2100 calories, less than 1/3 from fat. If you really want to lose weight, and keep it off, don't eat less, eat healthier. If you eat less, you're more likely to gain the weight back because as soon as you stop your diet, that would mean you would want to eat more; changing your eating HABITS is essential to a healthy body and life.

    Just so you know, the average pound is said to be around 3,000 calories, so if you eat just 100 calories less a day, you'll lose a pound in a month. If you eat 200 calories less, only around 2 weeks. If you eat 350 calories less than the amount you exert, you can lose a pound in a week.

    Hope this helps!

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    Hey CG, the simple answer is that to lose weight you have to consume less calories than you burn in total during the same 24hrs. The calories burned includes EVERYTHING you do, so include your normal life and your exercise.

    Lets works backwards. Ive found this cool calorie calculator on the attached link. This will tell you how approximately how many calories you need to consume in a day to lose weight based on your age, height, weight and exercise level. Its got some other calculators there to help plan a weight loss routine too.

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    The basic explanation is that you need to eat less calories then your basal metabolic rate and activities calories combine..

    Basal metabolic rate is how many calories your body would burn just laying in bed all day. For most people, you can just add a zero to the end of your weight to find your basal metabolic rate. If you weigh 150 lbs, then you burn about 1500 calories per day just laying in bed.. Then, you add the calories you burn doing activities on top of that.. That puts you at probably using around 2200 calories per day to maintain..

    To lose weight at a very gradual pace without slowing your metabolism overly much, only cut calories by about 10-15% below what you eat to maintain..

    So, if you maintain at about 2200, then about 1900 would be about right for gradual weight loss on days that you do those activities and slightly less on days you don't do extra activities..

    I love eating, so I'd rather work out more and eat more.. I eat about 2000-2500 calories per day..

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    You have to burn off about 500 calories more than the calories you've consumed. By the end of the week, you may lose one pound!

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    You need calories to function, so you shouldn't try to burn off as much as you consume. If you did that, your body couldn't nourish itself. You need calories to live. That's why it's bad to burn off as much as you consume.

    1500 calories a day is a perfect amount to eat. You'll lose weight , but still have enough calories to sustain your body.

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    u burn calories through out the day so u don't neeed to burn off as many calorie in ur worout as u consume

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    no - even during a leisure day (say, sitting at a desk job), your body requires a certain level of calories to function (heart rate, etc.)

    however, you need to burn off more calories (or consume fewer) if you want to lose weight

    it's sounds like you're on the right track - if you're not seeing results, I would suspect that it could be because you're losing fat but also acquiring muscle mass from running

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    If you like working out that's great but i encourage you to research negative calorie foods on the internet. The more you eat of these foods, the more calories you burn. Here's a list.

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    In Christ,


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    I think it means that if you consume 500 calories you should lose more than that so that u are thinner i guess.

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